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Euphoria Music Festival Artist Spotlight: Sunsquabi

When hearing a name like Sunsquabi, you’re right to assume that these guys are funkadelic trailblazers – they’re playing a ton of festivals this year, and are making huge waves in their hometown of Boulder, Colorado and beyond. Still incorporating a vividly electronic sound, the heavy influences of funk and blues ring prevalent in their sound. Only recently adding the role of a drummer, Chris Anderson, to round out the roster, the band goes into a full-fledged electro-jazz party upon hitting the stage.

Founded by bassist Andrew Clymer and guitarist Kevin Donahue, Their energetic stage presence and live instrumentals set them apart from other up and comers in the evergrowing EDM scene – over the years, it’s become a common misconception that electronic music is rarely played live, with a lot of music lovers growing discontent with the usual ‘DJ-on-headphones-behind-a-big-stage’ set up. Consistently funky and progressive, Sunsquabi is set to send your ears on an inner galactic mission of psychedelic sounds and electronic throbs, all backed up with strong riffs and an overall groove you can’t help but shake your booty to.

Catch them playing the first day of Euphoria Music Festival at the unEARTH stage this Friday!

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