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Watching the Ball Drop | New Year’s Eve with Thievery Corporation | Sea of Dreams in San Francisco, 12/31/2013

I’ve never been one for making a big deal out of New Years celebrations, but that was before I had one that completely blew my mind. Rather than contemplating the usual hastily thrown together warehouse gatherings and overpriced club events, I spent December 31st counting down the new year with one of the most talented bands in the business, Thievery Corporation.

Experiencing this band live is a completely different world compared to listening to them from a stereo in the peaceful still of your living room. Their jazz fusion, lounge-y vibe make them an ideal soundtrack for swank hotel elevators, but Thievery transforms into a massive party onstage. Each member in this band is an out-right professional in his/her own right, featuring a revolving lineup of singers and instrumentalists. Their performances are personal, momentous, and intimate, providing that special ‘after-show’ buzz you experience so very rarely.

This is reason enough for me to carry not only love for the band, but deep respect as well. For nearly a decade they’ve triumphed every milestone on their path, and have only greater things to move towards.

Thank you for a New Year celebration I’ll never forget.


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