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[Photo Gallery] Periphery in Ft Worth,TX | Tom Cat’s Oct 18, 2013

Composed by Gabe Bowden.

Periphery, oh Periphery. This three guitarist band frontmanned by the deeply powerful vocalist Spencer Sotelo is definitely one of my favorite bands to see live. Their guitarists, Misha Mansoor, Mark Holcomb, and Jeff Bowen have seemed to master their own style of music. To me, that is why they can essentially do no wrong in whatever venture Periphery may go on. Periphery’s drummer, Matt Halpern, is like a god behind those drums. The things he can do with just a few drums and cymbals is truly a gift. The rhythm this man possesses is literally impossible to compare. Recently, Halpern has created a website where it makes it possible for fans to be taught by their biggest idols! How awesome is that?! If you’re a fan of As I Lay Dying and want to learn how their guitarist does techniques, you can sign on to and find out when he’s available for lessons and he will teach you what he can through a webcam. We truly are living in the future people.
Adam (Nolly) Getgood recently joined the band in 2012 and I thought that was an awesome addition. (Though it did bum me out that he left Red Seas Fire, you gotta do what you gotta do right?) This was my first time meeting Nolly and he’s got the English charm goin’ for him, hahaha, he’s a really nice guy and I’m glad I got to chat with him for a few minutes before their set. Now, I couldn’t tell you exactly how many times I’ve seen these guys, but it’s pretty much every stop they’ve made through the DFW area. And I can tell you this, every time is just like the first, like experiencing a nice cup of coffee for the first time, or eating a piece of red velvet cake after not having any taste buds your whole life. Basically, it’s fucking awesome. Being at Tomcats, this stage is definitely not what the six guys are used to, but they made the best of the situation! The good thing about this being such a small venue is that you get the up close and personal feel of the concert, and that totally fits the tour name (“This Tour is Personal).

I’ve got to say my favorite moment of their set is when they played “Jetpacks Was Yes 2.0”. This version of the song seriously gives me chills and hearing it live is a totally overwhelming experience where just my words alone will never do it justice. Having these three amazing guitarists just adds to the momentous experience that is Periphery. Whilst Misha is playing leads, Mark plays rhythm and Jeff plays the ominous tones that lie beneath it all, truly bringing it all together in a heart quaking experience. Seriously, seeing these guys live is a whole new realm. Matched with the emotion behind the guitars, watching Matt pummel those drums into oblivion and feeling the intensity behind Spencers vocals is truly awe inspiring. If you haven’t heard of these guys before, your life has been missing something seriously important. Without a doubt, you need to give these guys a listen. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

From their stop here in Ft Worth at Tom Cats West with Dead Letter Circus and Born of Osiris.

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