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Our luscious locks go through more damage than we’d like to believe during our day to day grind. Nature’s elements can be harsh, not to mention the variety of toxins, grime and chemicals in the air that make up the whole ‘living in the city’ experience. It can be easy to overlook your hairs’ cries for help, but if you put in just enough time to maintain your mane, it’ll be dramatically less to deal with later on. Enjoy these healthy, all-natural hair recipes aimed to¬†nourish, pack in nutrients, and give your mop some life again.


Something just feels right about going to the kitchen, opening the cabinets and fridge, and making a slightly strange concoction to dump on your head. In a small bowl, you’ll combine 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. You might be wondering what the hell these three all have in common, but they each happen to be miracle workers for your hair. Rinsing with apple cider vinegar alone will leave your locks dramatically smoother and softer. Apple cider vinegar helps to remove residues in your hair from chemical-ladden products, as well as detangling your hair naturally. Vinegar closes the cuticles of the hair, so that light actually reflects off of it, meaning it’s the easiest way to make your hair shine super bright! Honey is praised for its soothing qualities as a cold ¬†and flu fighter, but is also a humectant, meaning it is a natural moisturizer. It improves your hair follicles and leaves hair feeling light and polished. Last but not least, olive oil is a saving grace for those who have thinning hair or flaky scalps, as the amount of antioxidants it holds are essential to keeping the skin of your scalp in better shape.




Top 10 Benefits of Honey for Skin and Hair

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