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Kale: The Superfood You’ll Grow to Love

Kale is one superfood that many go without, simply because they relate it to something that grows under the sea, with…well…seaweed. I can promise you that kale is much more delicious than you thought, and with this article I aim to give this plant some much needed spotlight.

Not only is kale packed with antioxidants, but when eating one cup, it contains only 34 calories! This is a phenomenal aid for those trying to obtain or maintain a certain weight.


This superfood also has 206% of your daily value of vitamin A, 134% vitamin C, 600% vitamin K and last but not least, has more Iron than beef! Talk about an overachiever.

I had tried kale in years previous and had never imagined I’d be implementing it into my daily food routine, but I have. Raw kale can have somewhat of a bitter taste, so I like to have it sauteed with a bit of garlic, sea salt, and black pepper. With a squeeze of lemon, it takes off the bitter edge and gives a much more flavorful punch that will have your taste buds rejoicing. The best part is that heat has no effect on the nutritional benefits, so it’s okay to skip out on eating it raw

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