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Roadtripping through the Grand Canyon – An Itinerary That Can’t Be Beat!

Are you seeking to spend 2022 knocking one (or several) of the 7 Natural Wonders off your bucket list? If you’ve yet to explore the magnificence of the Grand Canyon, this itinerary will give you the motivation you’ve been needing to finally get to Arizona. Having finally gone for the very first time this past February, it will forever be one of the most treasured memories of my life. Originally apprehensive about the timing, I fell in love immediately with the snowy panoramic views of the canyon.

Another perk to February travel – millions of people come from around the world to witness the Grand Canyon’s magnitude for themselves, so going during the low tourist season means loosely packed trails and a greater chance of seeing the epic wildlife that call the Grand Canyon home. 

Read on for my personal highlights from Februarys’ three day Grand Canyon trip – adventure awaits!

Hike for a soak in these gorgeous, natural hot springs

Drive out past Lake Mead to get to this gem called Arizona Hot Springs. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy these natural sulphuric springs – after completing the strenuous hike through dramatic slot canyons, you won’t want to leave! I went with a group of 4 and we stayed for hours, with regular visitors coming and going. It gets pitch dark as soon as the sun goes down, so make sure you have ample flashlights and layers for when it gets cold in the canyon.

(A note of caution: A lethal amoeba exists in this spring, called Naegleria fowleri. It isn’t harmful if swallowed, but can be toxic through the nose. Make it a habit to always check the above linked National Park Service website for all updates regarding natural recreational areas and conditions when traveling)

Plan an incredible helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon

Originally planning to hit Bright Angel Trail, icy conditions forced pivot in our plans. Desperately seeking a way to take in the Grand Canyon from beyond the lookout points, it was my best friend’s idea to take a helicopter ride over the West Rim at sunset. Booking with Papillon was quick and easy online while their staff on site were extremely courteous and professional. Our pilot eased all of my irrational nerves, gave us an incredibly informative tour and even threw a couple cornball jokes in, keeping the aforementioned nervousness in check. Learning about the history of the Indigenous tribes with tangible ways to support and enrich the community during our time in town was worth the entire experience.

Experience powerful energy vortexes in Sedona

Another unbelievable phenomenon near the Grand Canyon occurs in a globally renowned spiritual epicenter right in Arizona, a small city called Sedona. For generations, people have flocked to Sedona to experience different energy portals, all harnessing the power to heal, invigorate and expand the consciousness of the visitor. While these portals are well-documented and can be mapped and ventured to, stopping at Bell Rock was our all in one. Riding through the main town square towards the rock formations, you can even stop to get your aura photographed, a fun and unique souvenir of your time in Sedona. When you’re within the vicinity of a portal, twisted trees are a tell-tale sign of the energy exchange that is taking place. Soak up the clean desert air and meditate on future intentions to get the most out of these special places.

Visit the artist-run town of Acrosanti

Acrosanti is a small experimental town founded on the conceptual principles of arcology in 1970. The brainchild of architect Paolo Soleri, Acrosanti is the worlds’ first arcology prototype, presenting an opportunity for those interested in the interections of ecology and sustainable design. Make the most of your visit by exploring the towns’ iconic architecture and buying a one of a kind earth-cast windbell from local Acrosanti artists.

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