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RADO brings Groovy Jam-Rock to Colorado Mountain Towns [Tour Update]

Winter Tour RADO

Based in Denver, RADO synchronistically fuses Jam, Groove, Rock, Funk, and a little bit of everything in between to create a genre-mashing conglomerate of styles that gift something for everyone. Whether it’s a high-speed four-to-the-floor psychedelic jam, or a low bpm groovy, funk section, RADO is sure to keep the bodies moving. Cultivated from the unbeatable Denver music scene, RADO started as a side project of sorts for all members and has since become an undeniable audible force reminiscent of “thunder crashing on a mountain.”

Photo by @Jessicadneaphotography

When asked about their musical inspirations, the band gravitates to the likes of Phish and the Disco Biscuits. Outside of that, Funk is the solid base with layers of each member’s personality weaved throughout. Because there is such a wide range of tastes from each person in the band, it helps to create more diversity in the improvisation. RADO’s drummer, Zach Bulgarelli, sums it up perfectly – “Far out influences from each individual helps create a brand-new sound that hasn’t been heard before, mixing genres that haven’t been mixed before without planning it”.

Producing layered, dancey, and always groovy tunes for their listeners, RADO encapsulates the essence of being “heavy in a heady way” – a slogan we can fully get behind. The four-piece band recently released a live album Cam Jams, which can be found on Spotify. Catch the group regionally in Colorado as well as in expanding regions throughout 2022 and beyond. The band’s winter tour continues this month with two free shows at the Whiskey Star in Breckenridge on 2/11 and 2/12 followed by two more free shows at Armadillo Ranch in Manitou Springs on 2/18 and 2/19.

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