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May #BandcampFriday Buys

It’s Bandcamp Friday once again, and that means I have spent the month combing through Bandcamp’s search engines to find new artists and hidden gems to bring to you to purchase! Today if you pick up these albums, %100 of the profits goes to them! A reminder that searching for “BNDCMPR” on various sites like twitter and instagram can lead you to some amazing playlists just by artists on Bandcamp! You can even make your own!

LGUC is a full length piece of new wave pop songwriting coming from Kampala,  Uganda’s IZEBALug. The production on this CD is incredible, and it weaves music back and forth through influences of synthwave, hip hop, trance, pop, and more. I know it is often said about different projects: “this artist has something for everyone”, but LGUC goes just a little bit farther. Since everything has been doing before we are left with the option to dissolve and combine sounds, textures, and voices in ways that have not been done before. I don’t necessarily claim to have the musical literacy to say all of this music “has never been done before”, but I can say I felt differently listening to this than I have for pop music in a long time. Amazing vocals, amazing lyrics, amazing textures. You can pick this up for $7!

I have been following Fogheart for a few months since discovering his music randomly, and was excited to hear that today this UK composer was releasing an album to celebrate 15 years of writing music. “What an amazing thought”, I said to myself, “to be able to remember the day you started making music. Fogheart is instrumental, and actually composes a lot of music for video games but don’t be fooled: this makes some of the best driving music, relaxing music, walking music, music for environments, music for moods, and music to get you excited. All great things that video game compositions should do! He writes tunes using all sorts of generated synth and chiptune sounds, and I love every single one. You can pick it up for $15, one dollar per year Fogheart has been making music!

Making Movies is a psychedelic rock band from Kansas City, Missouri with a latin beat and lush guitar tones. Some of their soundscapes reminds me of bands like Mars Volta, but their songwriting is much more familiar and welcomes you in and keeps you around with smooth lyrical and musical hooks. In particular, a song called “Una Vida” feels like a powerful visit to a cathedral, a small prayer in a large place. The rest of “La Cuerentena” has a lot of upbeat, dancy rhythms, whether through wailing guitars or acoustic templates. There is also a wonderful Tears for Fears cover, and 2 live tracks. You can buy it for $9

Inheritance is a large body of work crafted by UK duo Deathless Gods with Human Bods, which takes fun songwriting, harmonies, playful beats and synths, and combines them with sounds from their community and family to give a musical documentation of time and place. I do not think I have ever heard such powerful pop choruses about home. I absolutely love the album’s tendency to switch between powerful singing and equally powerful, spoken parts to create a real living piece of sonic lore. There are also soundbytes of interviews scattered throughout, breaking up the beats into a conversation. You can bring home Inheritance onto your computer for $10.

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