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Chicago’s Best Rapper ProbCause Releases New EP Moonflower

Our favorite Chicago rapper, ProbCause, is back from this summer’s release with Griz (“My Friends And I Pt. 3”) to present a new EP, Moonflower.

A monster collaboration featuring Carlile, Cloudchord, Soul Food Horns, and Youngteam, each of these artists deserve their own listens. We encourage you to dive into their discographies and add some new talent to your rotation!

For someone that is constantly producing fresh material and crafting new art projects, this is ProbCause’s best work yet. Each track illustrates some of the unique (and difficult) learning lessons we face – that theme feels especially real when this roller coaster of a year comes to mind. There’s a lot of introspection as we navigate life amidst this tumultuous landscape and Moonflower is the poetry that helps put things into perspective.

Listening to an album so seamless, it was hard to choose a favorite – but ‘Starlight’ resonates loud and clear. ProbCause’s inspirational lyricism shines against cinematic horns, giving an amount of depth that is genuine and smooth. Oh, and the production is pretty tight too. Colin had this to say about ‘Starlight’:

A journal excerpt detailing the meaning behind ‘Starlight’, the first track from the Moonflower album.

“Starlight is about youth. It’s about the realization that the world is huge and filled with possibilities. It’s about making mistakes and striving to do better. It’s about the excitement of dreaming up your future. It’s about looking up at a huge sky and feeling big and small at the same time.”

Blooming only at night, the Moonflower is a testament to how darkness can cultivate something beautiful. Put this on for some affirmation as you contemplate the meaning of life amidst this 2020 existential crisis. Keep it up – you’ve got this.

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