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Chopping It Up With Multifaceted Musician Megan Hamilton | Compose Yourself Artist Highlight

The trends in the world of electronic music are in constant flux; that being said, Megan Hamilton has consistently stayed true to her sound and pushed the boundaries with her genre defying bass music. Creating an end product that sounds just as good on Funktion Ones as it does in your headphones is no easy task, and Hamilton has continued to curate a sound as accessible as it is all her own.

For those unfamiliar, Hamilton is a Minneapolis based producer with international tours and major collabs with artists like Defunk and Jason Hann of The String Cheese Incident and Eoto on her resume. Hamilton’s range in production is massive; her roots in funk always shine through in her music. Whether playing with a live band or a solo set, Hamilton’s bouncy style keeps bodies moving on the dance floor.

Snag tickets to Megan’s show on August 24th at Cervantes Masterpiece here!

We were given the opportunity to sit down with Hamilton at Sonic Bloom this year to talk about her festival experience, her most recent EP, and her favorite video game.

Hey Megan, thanks for talking with us today. How has your Bloom experience been going so far?

Megan: I’m having a blast; they gave me a really good set time, so I’m very fortunate. I came up here with Jason Hann, and it was really fun to see his solo dj set yesterday – I had never seen him by himself. He goes by Profit Massive, he was just fantastic – wearing the purple robe, just gettin it.

Tell me a little bit about shooting the video for “Forbidden.”

That was really chaotic in the coordination sense. The least scary part of the whole thing was the animals. It was also funny because I wanted to have a cat in there, so I can pet it like the Inspector Gadget villain but we couldn’t find anyone to give us their damn cat! I was like ‘Ok, I’ve got two pythons, a nine foot boa constrictor, and a tarantula, but I can’t find a cat.’ That’s hilarious.

My good friends Grey and Seral helped me coordinate with the Suicide Girls and they were so, so nice. Everyone just offered a helping hand and expected nothing in return. The funny thing about the video was that we had to shoot the tarantula shot twice. The first shot didn’t have the right lighting, so I had to go back to Seral and River’s house immediately after getting home from a festival – they’re the owners of the tarantula and they also have a turtle named Jeff – and I had to put the spider on my face again with better lighting. Penny is the tarantula’s name by the way, and she’s such a sweetheart.

Tell me a little bit about your EP Feed the Animals.

It was kinda weird because the track list that got distributed was backwards. I think it might have been a good thing because people already knew and liked “Forbidden” and they listened to the other tracks to get to it. “Cosmic Soup” is the most funk infused track on there, so I was worried about people’s reaction to it, but the feedback I’ve gotten has been really great.

Any new music you’re excited to release?

I’m working on a new EP and I have several singles that are going to be dropping soon. I did some fun tracks with K-Lab and Maddy and a new one with Jason Hann. Sparky and I just finished up one as a tune as well. He’s an incredible guitarist and producer. We wrapped that one up in a day. 

What are your three favorite travel cities?

Denver, it feels like a second home now. San Francisco is probably my favorite city in the country. I really love Seattle too.

What video game can nobody beat you in?

Mario Kart 64, with Yoshi. I’m terrible at other games, but I’m an idiot savant with Mario Kart.

What are your thoughts going into the Cervantes show in the 24th?

It’s going to be a riot. Me and Bass Physics are working on a song together. We’re all really excited for that one.

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