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2019 is the Year of The Party People: New Music, New Agency Signing and More [Artist Interview]

Single artwork by K+Lab

If 2019 has shown us anything, it’s this: The Party People can’t be stopped. Denvers’ hometown heroes have only dug deeper into the vault to serve up fresh cuts and dicey rhymes to give us endless reasons to hit the dance floor hard. Their latest single, ‘Don’t Stop’, is set to drop August 26th – expect heavy glitch hop vibes on this one. Regardless of the genre the Party People are working with, count on the trio to always lend their distinctive flavor.

Benjamin Vibe’s swiftness on the mic sparks a smile on the first listen while Mikey Thunder and Mr. Bugatti supply fat, glitchy wubs that swing along the bassline. As the name implies, the track is meant to be an anthem of motivation – a reminder to persevere and reach your goals.

You can now find the guys on Spotify where they’ve been certified and verified! Join the Platoon and stay updated on all things Party People. Hear ‘Don’t Stop’ in action at their next show in Fort Collins with Homemade Spaceship on August 27th. Grab your tickets for Re:Turn Tuesday’s at Hodi’s Half Note here.

CYM: The new single bumps! Perfect for shifting gears from summer loungin’ to getting your head back into focus. How did ‘Don’t Stop’ come together?

Daniel Evans (Mr Bugatti): ‘Don’t Stop’ first came together with me and Mikey hanging out for several studio sessions writing the track together. A couple months later Ben recorded some fresh vocals on the track, and also contributed edits to the composition as well.

We really tried to challenge ourselves to experiment with more modern style sounding bass/synth sounds, dubs, etc versus our older music. However, we still wanted to keep the track a hip hop vibe.

Benjamin: Originally there was a whole different version, it was light and crunchy with a strong old school bass line that we kept moving forward with it. It was still missing something, so we revamped the whole vibe of it. Then I re-recorded the vocals, did some tinkering on the arrangement, and we all felt strong about it.

CYM: Catch us up on everything else that’s new with Party People – seems like you’ve all been pretty busy!

Daniel: We’ve certainly been busy! We had an amazing time performing at Jackson’s Rooftop recently for one of Potent Productions summer rooftop series. Preparing this single has been a big priority for the project the last couple months. We also have an upcoming show with our good friend Homemade Spaceship at Hodi’s Half Note at the end of this month in Fort Collins.

Benjamin: We have been sending it strong for sure! Our summer has had some of the best sets ever and we’re still progressing for what’s to come. We are still doing work in our solo projects and being mindful with the group project which is something special. We have new management with Jeff Barlow on the Potent team and have James Servin handling booking with Rogue Agency (Exmag, Modern Measure, Unlimited Gravity, Blockhead and more). This allows us more time to focus on the music.

CYM: Let’s talk about that Bloom set heard ‘round the world. You guys had the Hummingbird completely packed out during your performance, and it was truly a highlight of our Sonic Bloom experience. Having Colby Buckler from Emancipator up on drums was epic. Tell us more about your weekend at the festival.

Daniel: I personally have played SB for 7 years in a row, and this was our 5th as The Party People. It was my favorite Bloom set of all time. The crowds’ vibe was absolute magic. Being on stage with my best friends, sharing fresh and fun sounds for all of you. Having the sun going down during the set, the sound on those Funktion 1’s, not to mention having our good homie Nadasound on the visuals made the show an amazing experience for all of us.

Photo by Randy Mills

One of our favorite producers of all time, K+Lab, sat in on our set with his keytar, straight crushed it. Also, Colby Buckler of Emancipator Ensemble joined us to finish the set ripping those drums up! Jordan Polovina flexed some fresh rhymes! Sonic Bloom 2019 was spectacular to say the least. It was a collaborative effort and it was truly a dream come true for me and the team.

Benjamin: It was something special indeed. That festival has always been special to us and consistently shows us a lot of love. Strong tunes and a strong team came together for a set that was truly spectacular.

CYM: What else can we expect from you guys this year in regards to shows, festivals and releases?

The Party People: Plan on new music coming soon! Like previously mentioned, Hodi’s Half Note with Homemade Spaceship on August 27th, and more big events TBA. Thank you guys!

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