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Flaming Lips at Ogden Twilight | July 18, 2019

Ogden Twilight is a series of eclectic outdoor concerts that happen during the summer in the town of the same name in Utah. The lineups span genres and always bring beloved acts to the stage, allowing fans to spend the night under the stars while enjoying the small towns’ amazing restaurants and natural sights. When I saw that the Flaming Lips would be performing as part of Ogden Twilight, I packed up a plus one and headed up for the weekend! 

The day trip from Denver was beautifully scenic, with ghost towns and unique thrift stores welcoming us along the route. Some people balk at the idea of listening to a band you’re about to see on the way to the show, but that’s exactly what we did. The Flaming Lips have been making music since before I was born – their first album, Hear It Is, was released in 1986. Playing back through their discography failed to deliver a dull moment, bouncing from different timelines throughout their career. 

We arrived with just enough time to transition from roadtrip sweats to concert ready outfits. I’ve seen the Flaming Lips multiple times, but seeing the band perform during the day was an entirely new perspective for me. Set beneath a bluebird sky with gentle, cascading sunlight, it was the epitome of a perfect Summer day.

To accurately describe a Flaming Lips show is a hard feat; it feels like a surprise birthday party with a thousand of your closest friends you’ve yet to meet. You’re all gathered for this wonderful band of humans who happen to make music that is akin to a spiritual experience. You feel surrounded by people who just get it, and the feeling is sublime. The goosebumps remained on my skin as the set list rolled on.

Set list:

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