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Emancipating Red Rocks With Manic Focus and Friends

Following last years’ monumental headlining at the beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheater, this Saturday night will see Emancipator Ensemble taking over the stage once more. They have since surpassed many milestones, but Red Rocks will always hold a special place in the hearts of the band. After putting in serious time at Emanc brainchild Doug Appling’s studio in Portland, we’re looking forward to what the guys have in store for us. Joining the festivities will be Tor, Kalya Scintilla and Eve Olution, Wax Tailor, and Manic Focus, who will bringing the MF’in band along.

Still fresh off his November release of Balalku, Doug Appling and his crew are ready to take their newest music to one of the biggest stages in the game. The Emancipator Ensemble consists of producer Doug Appling, violinist Ilya Goldberg, drummer Colby Buckler, and bassist Peter Thatch. The addition of a live drummer and bass player brings an even more intimate feel to Emanicaptor’s already organic sound. We’re psyched to see a fresh set from the full squad on the rocks.

The Manic Focus Live Band will be composed of Jmac on the decks, Jacob Barinholtz on the kit, Russ Liquid on the horns, Nicholas Gerlach on the sax, Borahm Lee on the keys, and Andrew Block on guitar. While I’ve seen a plethora of Manic Focus shows, including a couple Manic Science sets, this will be my first experience with the live band, and I’m totally thrilled. The electro-funkhop style that Jmac and his team play is perfect for any function and their energetic body language is always infectious at their live performances. I’m assuming that Red Rocks will be no different in terms of the hypeness that Jmac and his crew put on display during their sets.

Wax Tailor, Kayla Scintilla & Eve Olution, and Tor will also be joining us for the party. Wax Tailor, or Jean-Christophe Le Saoût, is a French producer of dope trip-hop tracks filled with a variety of interesting vinyl samples. Kayla and Eve are known for the spacey deep bass sound and flamboyant  geometric art and lighting at their live sets. Hailing from British Columbia, Tor has toured nationally with Emancipator and Bluetech and we’re looking forward to seeing what he has planned for Saturday night.

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