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EXCLUSIVE CONTENT – Tour Talk: “Hard on the Body, Easy on the Eyes” with Zach Deputy and a New Live Acoustic Video!

Zach Deputy

We are very excited to present to you EXCLUSIVE Zach Deputy video content brought to you by Compose Yourself Magazine as well as some tour talk with Zach Deputy! The video below, shot by talented contributor Nick Bogannam from the time that he was on tour with Zach Deputy in Wooster, MA the day before Thanksgiving to his loving Worm Town family and fans. 

Zach Deputy, described as an Island-infused drum n’ bass gospel ninja of soul, is a live looping master, guitar virtuoso, extremely talented singer and dance-party curator. Nick Bogannam, contributing writer and photographer for Compose Yourself Magazine, was able to sit down on a phone call with Zach Deputy mid-tour with Thievery Corporation to ask a couple questions about what it is like to be on tour and a little bit about his song writing as well as a couple words from the man himself about a new album release from the Deputies’ Office! You can find Zach on tour in your nearest city by checking out his website at and be sure to stream or purchase his music at

Zach’s next festival appearance will be at the Suwannee Hulaween Festival’s Thursday Pre Party Kickoff with The Nth Power, Kyle Hollingsworth Band, Spafford, Lettuce, 2 sets of both Umphreys McGee and Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, EOTO and Friends, Liquid Stranger, and Greensky Bluegrass. We hope to see you there!


Nick: So, I have a couple questions about tour and I want to touch on some of the new album if possible. I want you to start by talking about the current tour and by sharing a couple stand out moments from Summer Tour.

Zach: Oh dude, its been crazy-awesome. I don’t really know because so much has been going on and Its been great. Some stand out moments… Floyd was really fun this year and I had a blast. And man, I’ve been playing shows nonstop, and I just feel like the music has been so much fun; this summer more than ever. To me, that is what I focus on. I focus on the crowd and it’s been big but i’m really happy when the music is good, and you know, it’s been very good.

Nick: That’s awesome. So, with that being said…TACOS? PIZZA? FRIED CHICKEN? What’s your go to while you’re on tour?

Zach: Well out of those it would definitely be fried chicken! I like chicken. and salad… and I like salad and chicken.

Nick: Ah, a perfect combination.

Zach: I try not to eat pizza. It doesn’t digest well. Pizza hurts! Tacos are good, so in order I would go chicken, tacos and pizza.

Nick: Alright cool, I’m sure there’s more food items in-between fried chicken and pizza as well.

Zach: Yeah, thats like 3 items. Hahaha.

Nick: Right, moving on. I think a lot of people would like to know what keeps you inspired and playing especially in the current social and cultural times that we live in now?

Zach: I love the journey. I love seeing differently in different states and hanging out with different people with different accents, different delivery and ones who are usually going for the same thing and I just like the seeing and to see it all. You know, I was one for adventure, And when you’re experiencing so many different things..its just fun. But its not like what a lot of what people would think it to be. Sometimes it is literally just the vista. its just the sights, you know. Some times it’s just food and you’re like, this particular food is amazing where I eat it right now. This place has got wings thats real funky or this place has got a salad that’s just insane and it’s just the different parts of the country where things taste different and look different. Even the contrast is different in certain parts of the world and theres more of a red tint or more a green or a blue tint. Its so beautiful and then I get put music in that which is a totally cool thing.

Zach: “Its hard on the body and easy on the eyes.”

Zach: I like the landscapes… that’s why I like disc golf so much…you get to go expanse the landscapes and see little creatures and spiders. Otters or bulls, um, prairie dogs in certain parts of the country, crazy looking fish, beavers, alligators, you see some crazy stuff, you know, its just fun. You go see everything and everything is there to soak it up.

Nick: And hopefully you return a little but more worldly when you come back…

Zach: Yeah.

Nick: Ok in this interview, we will be dropping a video that we recorded of you playing anacoustic version of Real at Electric Haze to your Worm Town fans and those in Wooster, Massachusetts. In the song you sing about wanting something real and something that you can feel. Have you found what that is and could you share with us what qualities you have found to exist in what’s real?

Zach: Something real is something like a spiritual experience past base level, you know, and thats why its something that you feel in your skin but you feel em in your heart and your soul. I think we all know we connect on a deep level with somebody that was reaching out and wanting to connect on an actual deep level with somebody instead of some superficial base level but thats essentially what that means to me.

Nick: We loved the album, Wash It Into The Water, and we are wondering, do you have anything in the works that you can share at this time?

Zach: I do. This new album is sounding fantastic and Its going to be one of the greatest albums I’ve ever made. It brought me to tears listening to it because of how powerful it is. I also think it is the most personal of my albums where I feel like my music has matured to a new height.

Nick: Wow, I can’t wait and we are sure to write something up about the album and maybe we will talk again when the time comes for a release on the album. Thanks Zach, have a good day.

Zach: Thanks man, you too.


You can check out the Hulaween Pre-Party schedule here where Zach will be playing his next festival appearance. Check out his website for dates that span from now all the way until the end of the year where he will be rockin’ it in style in his hometown, Savannah, Georgia. Tickets to The Suwannee Hulaween Festival are available at their website at

Suwannee Hulaween 2017 Pre-Party Schedule

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