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It’s Almost Here – Sonic Bloom returns to Hummingbird Ranch this June 15th – 18th, 2017 | Spanish Peaks Country, Colorado

Article by Brandon Lopez and John Miller.


Gather together a group of friends for a weekend of sustainable music at Sonic Bloom. Located at the Hummingbird Ranch in Spanish Peaks, Colorado this event offers beautiful mountain views. Don’t miss this amazing weekend of self-development, musical appreciation, artistic expression, and a chance to share this amazing journey of life, Sonic Bloom focuses on sustainability and offers workshops such as permaculture. These workshops offer festival goers a chance to explore new hobbies and learn from those most knowledgeable. Did you know that 100% of the energy used at Sonic Bloom comes from solar? That’s right – we will be turning the sunshine into wubs and laser beams. Take responsibility for your own environmental impact and learn a thing or two about sustainability while enjoying yourself at this epic Festival.

Sonic Bloom will see the debut of the Gigantic Cheese Biscuits, an epic collaboration between members of Big Gigantic, The String Cheese Incident, and the Disco Biscuits. It will be interesting to see how these bands mix genre’s of music, as they tend to incorporate different sounds. With country, bluegrass, neo-psychedelia, jazz, jam, livetronica and hip hop influences this act will incorporate together sounds never before imagined. Don’t miss this never before seen act as this might be the only performance they ever put on.

After a three-year hiatus from the United States WhiteBear finally has his artist visa in hand and is ready to give America the show they have been waiting for. This Australian musician is equally as excited to be back in the United States as I am to finally have a chance to watch him perform. With a musical style that will leave you in an utter state of bliss, you will find yourself dancing about in a natural manner to sounds of glitch, break and flow. WhiteBear tells a story with his music as he guides you on a mission for spiritual healing. With tribal, mystical vibes you will be taken on a journey across the musical landscape, leading you to the rebirth of a better version yourself.

Check out the uplifting performance from Polish Ambassador as he explores the soft tones of electronic music. And be sure to pay attention to his stage presence, you might learn something from the world’s funkiest diplomat. Polish Ambassador gets down with moves that mimic everyday activities like grocery shopping, whipping the steering wheel or sinking that final cup in beer pong. These upbeat dance moves accompany his unique music which is sure to uplift even the most down of hearts. Sure to cheer you up is this mixture of popping tones and melodies from a rich diversity of genres including psy-fi funk, glitch, and downtempo among many others.

Soulacybin will have you diving head first into a pool of psychedelic beats. With biologically inspired dub this artist will have you voyaging across a digital landscape ripe with cosmic beats. His productions are the ultimate chillout music and facilitates inner healing as you come to terms with all of life’s great mysteries. His sound is intricate, technical, and has downright addictive stringy baselines. Your mind will be at ease as you bob about the crowd like a jellyfish floating in the ocean. With heavy emphasis on the supernatural particularly of alien origin, this “fungi” will help you create the spores of a new life.


Sonic Bloom would not be complete without Space Jesus’ bass-filled out of this world music. This Brooklyn native brings heavy industrial wubs which will make you feel like you are getting beamed up to his spaceship. The journey continues as Space Jesus introduces you to a whole new set of melodies that break the standard when it comes to electronic music. By ignoring the hundreds of melodies that other artists repeat Space Jesus makes something new, fresh, and sure to be copied. With truly original beats this artist breaks the norm and brings an audience on a journey that goes from chill to intense, and euphoric to grimy with everything in between. This music is best enjoyed on an epic sound system where you can do more than just hear it, you can feel the music and experience the beats vibrate your chakras into pure bliss.

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