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STRFKR Bringing the Heat in Columbia, MO, TONIGHT [Show Preview]

TONIGHT, STRFKR will be bringing their infectious dance pop to the Blue Note in Columbia Missouri! Hailing from the motherland of all things indie, Portland, STRFKR are touring in support of their new album, Being Nobody, Going Nowhere. I’ve given this album a couple of spins and it really grows on you! I love the synths and basslines, keeping the songs light and groovy even when the subject matter can veer a little dark.

From what I’ve heard of STRFKR’s live performances, they can be quite intense and unexpected, involving all kinds of lights and visual effects. I’m intrigued to see how their catchy hooks and style mesh with the live experience, I think this will be a really cool show.

STRFKR has been around has been around since 2007, although at that time it was a solo project of Joshua Hodges. Their interesting name was originally spelled Starfucker, but they shortened it in 2012. Talking about their name, Josh has said “I was around all these people who were kind of douchey, the kind of people I would never hang out with, and one of them bragged about being a ‘starfucker.’ I thought, ‘Who are these people? What is this world?’ That’s why I chose the name: because it represented all I didn’t want to be a part of, all I didn’t want to do. So it does hold us back, but that was the point, originally.” See, Josh and STRFKR aren’t trying to get taken too seriously, they want people to dance, which can be refreshing in an industry dominated by the mainstream.

All I know is, STRFKR is going to bring me back to my indie days, and I can’t wait for it!

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