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Skydyed Drops Two New Tracks Just in Time for the Holidays [Song Premiere]

Hailing from Fort Collins, Skydyed has been making musical moves when it comes to bridging the gap between electronic production and live instrumentation. We sat down with the band last April at Euphoria Music Fest and since then, the boys have played endless festival and tour dates all around the States. Most recently, the crew released some new tunes from their upcoming EP, Modulate. CYM was lucky enough to get an early listen to the last two tracks off the EP, ‘Human Nature’ and ‘Tidal Surge.’ Dive into the tracks below and get an insider’s perspective of Skydyed’s newest music.

‘Human Nature’ opens with inviting taste into the world of Skydyed with an added reggae roots flair complete with laid back key notes and entrancing breakbeats. The vibe is an uplifting track that immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its colorful synths and playful undertones. Definitely on the aux repeat.

‘Tidal Surge’ cues up with some extraordinary drumming by Shane Eagen coupled with intergalactic and vibrant synth notes followed with a slow build up of Max Doucette on guitar. Andrew Slattery kills the production with his bass synth as each detail and instrument is slowly layered into the smooth surging of a musical tide’s ebb and flow. The song bursts into full form around two minutes when each member’s unique style merges into a full-bodied progressive and experimental rock-edm fusion jam. It is exciting to hear and see Skydyed elevate their sound and test the boundaries of their musicianship. Enjoy the tunes and keep an eye out for some of Denver’s finest in the livetronica scene today.

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