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Lafa Taylor Releases New Collab with Aabo + Music Video ‘Turn My Music Up’ [New Release + Music Video]

The latest from joker Lafa Taylor has us stepping into the world of his never ending shenanigans, this time involving his incessant desire to make everyone dance. As we jump between jail house scenes to hospital rooms to an airplane flying 30,000 feet in the air, there’s no way to resist the groove when Lafa’s behind it. The video features a hilarious cast that will have you bopping your heads as they all bust our their best moves. Our favorite thing about Lafa Taylor is his consistency to remain true to his roots, and ‘Turn My Music Up’ does just that by giving us his signature style we crave. “Not trying to be something I’m not, I’m just tryna make you dance.”

Check the new video below, and watch out for more on the upcoming release between Lafa Taylor and rising Bay area producer Aabo.

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