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Summer Camp is no newbie in the festival circuit and the entire team goes above and beyond to fabricate a top notch and well-rounded experience for both the seasoned festie goer and the fresh faced festie virgin. Without even jumping into the UNBEATABLE 2016 lineup, we wanted to dive into an integral part of other epicness that SCAMP offers its patrons. The Make A Difference space at SCAMP is all about collective consciousness and increasing social and environmental awareness to individuals, communities and societies as a whole through many different means.

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Compose Yourself Mag is right behind any efforts of improving social, environmental and sustainability movements, especially at music festivals like SCAMP. From learning about various nonprofit organizations, familiarizing yourself with a plethora of artists and activists making strides in positive change, participating in one of the amazing workshops, movement classes, raffles and lounging in the ever relaxing oasis of the Soulshine Tent, there is no shortage of ways to get involved and make positive lifestyle changes for your mind, body and soul!


10. Check out a nonprofit and learn something new: There are many different nonprofits and causes to learn about and become active with! Take a stroll down Nonprofit Row and find a cause that calls you.

9. Separate your recyclable and compostable waste: We all know how important reducing landfill waste is, so PLEASE separate your trash, recyclable and compostable goods (If you are not sure what is what, ask a fellow SCAMPer).

JASON KACZOROWSKI PHOTOGRAPHY Copyright © © Jason Kaczorowski

8. Bring a reusable water bottle: Think about HOW many plastic water bottles we could save from the trash if everyone B.Y.O.B.’d it. Bring Your Own (Water) Bottle, that is. You know you will be going through gallons, so save yourself and the earth a LOT of waste.

7. Participate in the MAKE A DIFFERENCE RAFFLE & Drive to Make a Difference!

6. Participate in the Treasure Hunt: You could win a special set from Everyone Orchestra on Sunday by participating in the SCAMP Treasure Hunt. Complete certain tasks like participating in a movement class, attending a workshop, assist in a sustainable art project, register to vote and many others to achieve access to this sure to be awesome Sunday set!

5. Clean up your cigarette butts, or someone else’s: WHY NOT?! A little butt goes a looooong way- do your part! 

4. Clean up any trash you see lying around the beautiful grounds: AGAIN, WHY NOT?! If one person picked up a piece of trash a day, it would make for a much cleaner ground. Not to mention, the extra hands truly help the post-fest clean up as well. We create all the trash, let’s do our part and pick it back up.

3. Volunteer: SCAMP offers many different volunteer options. Join as a general volunteer, Green Team volunteer or as a Soulshine Ambassador. All are great ways to get involved, be more hands on with the fest, make a difference AS WELL as gaining entry to the festival without formally purchasing a ticket.  

2. Join in on a recycled or environmental art project: get HANDS on with various recycled and sustainable art at the fest. Create, Reduce, Reuse & ENJOY!

1. Spread the word to Make a Difference: Tell your friends, festival neighbors and anyone and everyone all the wonderful ways SCAMP allows patrons to get involved in taking positive action and making lifestyle changes through interacting with artists, staff, attendees, volunteers and festival organizers.

We promise you will NOT regret bettering yourself, Summer Camp, the community and Mother Earth while festivaling it up this Memorial Weekend in Chillicothe, Illinois! Tickets available here.

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