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[TunesDay] Talking inspiration, ‘Colors’ and more with Psy Fi out of Oakland, CA

Miles Ross, a.k.a. Psy Fi, has been bringing forth boundless bass-heavy beats swirled with impassioned, euphoric melodies to the West Coast for the past few years. We first got the opportunity to witness his true blue original and imaginative style last summer down by the river at Northern Nights Music Fest and his fresh, innovative bass style had us feelin’ some type of way, that’s for sure. His newest album entitled ‘Colors’ is available now and if you haven’t given it a listen, do yourself a solid and embark on a cosmic campaign transcending space-time when you get the chance. Miles gave us some of his time so we could get to know the man behind the music a little better–Listen to ‘Colors’ and check out what he had to say:

 CYM: Hey Miles, thanks for letting us exchange some words with you. Let’s start with some basics. What first inspired you to start creating music?

Psy Fi: I first started making electronic music in High School but didn’t get serious about production till 2011 or so. I had been DJ’ing since I was 17 and fumbled around on Reason and some hardware synths but never got seriously motivated to produce heaps of music until I went on a tour with my friends Mr. Rogers, Ratchet (now Hollis) and Wink. We played all over the U.S. and I found myself playing other people’s music in clubs. It didn’t feel very genuine and I committed the next year to grinding at the computer for long nights at a time making beats.

CYM: What artists and outlets have motivated you to continue making the one of a kind, impassioned fresh bass-defying beats that you do?

Psy Fi: When I was younger my parents were very supportive of me playing guitar and I took lessons for several years. I started out playing classical guitar and quickly moved to playing punk and nu metal stuff.  I would play along to songs in my room and developed an ear for figuring the notes out without looking the song up or buying the sheet music. I’ve always really enjoyed melody and from a super young age I have been a fan of musicality in music. I like my music to have resolve and I feel that probably stems back from my roots in guitar and songwriting.

CYM: Sounds like you have always been a natural in all things melody. Tell us a little about your new album, Colors, you just released on MalLabel Records out of San Francisco, CA? Where can folks listen and buy your music?

Psy Fi: I wrote all the music on ‘Colors’ after a big move from Arcata to Oakland. Arcata is a beautiful town nestled up in the foggy, northern california coast. There is a healthy and strong bass scene there and I still consider it a home. I worked really hard and saved up enough to move to the bay area and live in a warehouse in east oakland . ‘Colors’ is the culmination of music and emotions I felt through this transition and the product of my environment down here. I get a lot of inspiration by walking around my neighborhood and the beautiful forests in oakland. All the remixers on the album are close friends of mine and I feel really fortunate to have them featured on this. ‘Colors’ is released via Mallabel music and is available on bandcamp for “pay what you want”. I am really excited to be able to share this music with anyone that has an internet connection.

CYM: After listening to ‘Colors’ myself, I could totally perceive the energy and emotion from your life change of moving to such an eclectic and beautiful environment translated into your new jams. Super rad you were able to collab with homies, too! Tell us some of the most epic places your experimental, lustful and soulful sound has taken you?

Psy Fi: A big part of my involvement in the bass music scene comes from organizing a weekly called “Whomp Wednesday” in Arcata. I’ve been able to connect with artists all over the world through it. I’ve had the pleasure of playing at festivals in places like Croatia and Central America as well as insane productions like Northern Nights Music Festival and Emissions in our own nor cal backyard.

CYM: Where can we see you in the future? 

Psy Fi: I am excited to be playing a few shows in the midwest in February. Im also really excited to work on some collab and remix projects over the next few months leading into festival season. I was recently added to the booking roster at Re:evolution booking and am stoked to be working with them

CYM: Rad. Thank you, Miles! Hope to see you out there sooner rather than later!

Psy Fi: Thanks for the opportunity to rap with you Sydney!


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