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[Music Crush Monday] Too Many Zooz Busk Their Way Into Our Hearts

Referring to themselves as an ‘NYC brasshouse trio’, Too Many Zooz implies just that – a fresh instrumental sound that transcends you to an exotic location, partying amongst your favorite animal and human friends alike. Consisting of trumpeter Matt Doe, baritone saxophonist Leo P, and drummer David ‘King of Sludge’ Parks, the three talented forces met at Manhattan School of Music nearly 5 years back, and have been busking since August in the New York City subways. It started as a project to make some extra cash but with one commuter clip of their spasmodic live performances going viral, the guys have racked in over one million views on YouTube (Too Many Zooz) and it seems the world, as well as us, can’t stop listening. In a music industry now flooded by electronic music, the infectious sound Too Many Zooz creates with a simple and classic instrument combo (minus vocals or any supporting effects) is why these three are one of our most electrifying finds of our new year.  Not to mention, Leo P crushes it with his constant, in your face energy and unbeatable dance moves. I mean, who can play the baritone sax so uniquely and slay the dance floor too, just sayin’. Their energetic dynamic and sound that entices hundreds of listeners traveling throughout NYC has got us crushin’ hard and the amount of ‘staying power’ this band has is out of this world – we can guarantee this is definitely a band that will be playing to thousands in 2016!

Check out the band on soundcloud here and float away whimsically into a ‘brasshouse’ dreamland

Too Many Zooz Soundcloud

04/07/14 Features, the band Too Many Zooz , Matt Doe (on trumpet), Leo P (sax) and King of Sludge (drums), plays Union Square Subway Station in Manhattan. NY Post Brian Zak

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