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[Show Review + Photo Gallery] Beats Antique’s Creature Carnival in Dallas, TX at the Bomb Factory | September 19th, 2015

Photo by Stephen Swaney

In what has become an expected fashion, the members of Beats Antique took their audience on a journey. The night’s crowd was composed of a wide assortment of creatures; owls, squids, tigers, and LED manipulators intermingled from the bar to the barricade. The Bomb Factory, a newly renovated Dallas venue, proved to be an exemplary grounds for the events that transpired.┬áThe show was preceded by a vibrant performance of belly dancing and synchronized, floral-like dance arrangements. Soon after, The Guide swept to stage front and led everyone along in brief meditation. She shared her grace and wisdom, and guided three deep breaths for the crowd.

The lights went out. Shadowy figures moved across the stage. The anticipation was easy to sense.

Photo by Stephen Swaney.

Suddenly a spotlight revealed the remarkable Zoe Jakes. Riding high atop a motionless bicycle, her cape billowed across the stage. From this point on, the night continued flowing through traditional Beats Antique jams and exciting new visual performances. A feathered goddess revealed her ancient moves whilst glowing creatures got funky in the low light.

At one point, a lucky audience member was invited to join the carnival, only to have her presence summon the likes of a giant multi-armed cyclops kitty. All of these acts perfectly accompanied the horn-infused electro fusion dance music of Beats Antique. Band members David Satori and Sidecar Tommy Cappel did what they do best, and paved a path of good vibes and soul music.

All photos by Stephen Swaney for Compose Yourself Mag

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