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[Show Review + Photo Gallery] alt-J at South Side Ballroom in Dallas, TX | October 5th, 2015

Photo by Stephen Swaney for Compose Yourself Mag

Earlier this week, Dallas venue South Side Ballroom played host to our incredibly talented friends, alt-J. In what seems to be a marvel of modern humanity, this English rock group managed to do something unheard of: making Monday a day to look forward to. Energies were high before the music began. From the wrap around bars all the way to the barricade, the room was packed. After a quick set up and crowd hype, the tunes hit. It was an instant transition from  a relaxed silence to a heavy bass-driven jam sequence. No time was wasted in getting the party started. The atmosphere shifted immediately as the dance floor was suddenly transformed into a realm of high energy and ever changing light spectrum.

The band’s first two songs provided an incredibly strong start to the night. Each member was cast as a shadow, with beams of white light blasting through from the stage’s netherworld. The sounds were a totally different turn from the group’s first album. Eventually ‘An Awesome Wave’ rolled over the audience. Dallas was fortunate enough to experience alt-J’s debut album in full. With a rhythm incorporating the group’s already established smoothness, songs from ‘This Is All Yours’ were seamlessly peppered in as well.

Photo by Stephen Swaney for Compose Yourself Mag
With each song, a new atmosphere of light washed over the room. The colors and shades were paired perfectly with the sounds rolling through. The use of suspended screens above the stage added real depth to the visual display. From swirling patterns of purple and stunning beams of emerald, to sweeping tides of fire tones and shades of white straight from the ether. Near the end of the night, an emotional performance of ‘Breezeblocks’ overtook the crowd. It became clear that people weren’t afraid to show off their best moves, as the sweaty room began to feel like a high energy dance-off towards the end of the set. The crowd emptied out onto the streets, breathless and worn out as we dragged our tired feet to our cars.
Thank you alt-J, for making this Monday one worth celebrating.
All photos taken by contributing photographer Stephen Swaney for Compose Yourself Mag.

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