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[Show Review + Photos] Super Best Night at Knew Conscious in Denver, Colorado | October 23rd, 2015

From the door to the floor, the vibes that pack out Knew Conscious art gallery are powerfully felt. Having the pleasure of attending the gallery several times since living in Denver, it never fails to feel like a welcoming experience all over again, and last Thursday’s party was no exception. Super Best Records was calling in the masses to celebrate the kick off of a new monthly, and it was just as dope as we thought it’d be!

The night was a sea of familiar faces from the show goers you’ve grown accustomed to spotting weekly to the Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom security guards who lent their services for the night. It’s this community vibe that gives Knew Conscious its’ intimate appeal, and combining forces with Super Best Records has only extended the family.

Michal Menert, Paul Basic and The BeatServer performing at Knew Conscious. Photo by Tai Carpenter.

Curating a delectable line up that was kept quiet leading up to that night, the secret was out once the Super Best crew and friends began milling through the door. Whether jumping on the decks or showing their support in the crowd, last night’s party was a hotbed of legendary talent. Even David Murphy of past Sound Tribe fame was among the fans at Knew Conscious, as well as Matt Hill of the Floozies, Muzzy Bearr, Manic Focus and Mikey Thunder.

Jordan Polovina and JuBee joining the crowd at Knew Conscious. Photo by Tai Carpenter

One of Denver’s most prominent mix masters, The BeatServer, manned the decks for the majority of the night, while Michal Menert and JuBee took turns rapping and hyping the crowd in between surprise guests. My favorite of the night was definitely BeatServer, who has an impeccable mixing style and pumped my ears full of epic hip-hop tracks and pristine scratching.

Another one of my highlights was dancing alongside JuBee and Jordan Polovina of Grim&Darling when the two stepped out from the booth to rap on the dance floor. Michal Menert, JuBee, Paul Basic, David Murphy, The BeatServer, Late Night Radio and Grim&Darling all contributed to laying down the beats and the rhymes, giving Knew Conscious a packed house till the night was over.

We are so grateful to have found a place like Knew Conscious to give us a taste of what Denver’s community is all about, and we look forward to the next party! Stay up to date on all of Knew Conscious’ happenings on the links below.

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