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Sonic Bloom 2015: Deepening The Transformation | June 18th – 22nd in Spanish Peaks Country, CO

 Article by Sarah Hoffman + Lauren Pinkney.

Sonic Bloom continues to be Colorado’s premiere transformational festival, and for good reason. Ten years ago, Jamie Janover, musician and event producer, set out to redefine what a music festival could be. Since then, Janover has succeeded by creating a festival that cultivates an environment for free thoughts, artistic expression, and feelings. Sonic Bloom sets itself apart by taking festival goers to a new reality. For four days people from all over the world come to celebrate and share in a deep love for nature, music, and most importantly, each other. Sonic Bloom remains driven by festival goers; everyone feels like a family. In this tightly knit community, you can indulge yourself in friendly workshops, sacred music, inspiring guest speakers, and more. It’s impossible to leave this festival without a new thirst and vigor for life, not to mention a whole lot of new friends.

What makes the community at Sonic Bloom so unique is their combined persistence to make an impact. The very first Bloom I’d ever attended was in Georgetown back in 2013. I had traveled across the country with the bare essentials, and found myself wandering the grounds for a spot to set up my camp. I settled on an area next to a huge dome, clueless to the awesome group of strangers I was about to meet. Over the weekend, I got to know them better as the Colorado Collective; a compassionate group of glass blowers who were live blowing in their dome all weekend. They actually blew this super gnarly four foot tall hookah bong for concentrates, and held races for ‘Faster Dabber’ as well. If one thing is for sure, their dome is definitely where the party was at for me!

Further more, 100% of the profits from the glass blown at Bloom went to various charities throughout Colorado! These artists are truly inspiring and understand the meaning of this transformative festival, giving us all the more reason to scoop up some meaningful and exquisite glass this weekend. Find them under The Colorado Collective dome blowing glass, throwing down DJ sets, as well as an epic Saturday Sunset Klassy Kombucha happy hour!

Join us in Spanish Peaks Country, CO next weekend to share in one of the most life-changing weekends you’ll ever experience. Tickets can be purchased via Ticketfly here, and camping/VIP upgrade options can be found here, on the official website.

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