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Stacey Rupolo

[Photo Series] Denver Botanical Gardens, 50mm | Stacey Rupolo

Sometimes I need to go on dates with myself. Living in a new city has been a fun adventure for me since there are constantly new places to go, food to eat, people to meet, and, duh, more food. But it also has lonely parts. Hours, stretched together with nothing to fill them. Allowing myself to be okay being alone has been a big part of my move out here and sometimes really wonderful things come out of that surrender.

It has been raining for almost one billion years here in Denver (three weeks) which means I have been giving in to the temptation of curling up in bed with my book. During a brief three hour reprieve of sunshine on Saturday I decided to go to the Botanic Gardens by myself. It was freakin’ awesome! The rain meant most of the gardens were in bloom and I went crazy with my 50mm.

   Stacey Rupolo

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