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[New Music Monday] Technicolor Hearts Release New EP, ‘Now We’re Here’

 The indie darling duo known as Technicolor Hearts have been conquering stages and winning over crowded rooms since they first began performing back in 2009, and caught our attention when they opened for Roger Sellers during SXSW in 2014. Made up of Naomi Cherie and Joseph Salazar, Technicolor Hearts create some of our favorite party-pop we’ve heard to date, and the soft, mesmerizing vocals of Naomi puts us in a hazy trance every time.

Album art for ‘Now We’re Here’, available for stream and download via BandCamp.

Catching them live completes the experience, with their infectious stage presence completely melting your heart. Their latest release, Now We’re Here, proves that the duo are still hard at work perfecting their sound, and haven’t lost their youthful willingness to experiment with their creativity.

We’ve always adored Technicolor Hearts, and we know you will too. ‘Now We’re Here’ is readily available for download and purchase through BandCamp! Snag your copy and let the 80’s pop dance floor vibes of Technicolor Hearts get you in the perfect party zone.


Keep up with the band through SoundCloud, Facebook, and Instagram.

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