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Jason 'Ohdagyo' Fenmore

[Artist Interview] Liquid Stranger Talks Musical Beginnings, His New Record Label, And More

 Jason 'Ohdagyo' Fenmore

Compose Yourself Mag: Your initial interest in music started when you were very young, right? I’ve read that your parents taught you piano as a child.

Liquid Stranger: My mom had a piano that I played on from a very early age. I took piano lessons for years until the synthesizers took over my interest.

CYM: How did it feel going from playing on such a classic instrument such as the piano to your first piece of technical equipment, where you have so many more options?

LS: I didn’t have anyone to make music with when I was young, and the piano couldn’t do everything I wanted from music. I was more interested in making complete songs with a multitude of sounds and rhythms, and synthesizers and drum machines became my solution.

CYM: Do you have anything in the works when it comes to the visual aspect of your shows? I think custom Liquid Stranger 3D mapping visuals would be insane!

LS: Yes, it’s definitely something I’ve been working on. It’s just very expensive and time-consuming.

CYM: One of my favorite albums from you is Cryogenic Encounters. It sparked my love for downtempo in general. Do you plan on releasing more material like Cryogenic Encounters in the future?

LS: I’m taking a leave of absence from the dark and mechanical music. That scene is so saturated right now. I want to be a diverse musician and I’m definitely going to make more downtempo music in the future.

CYM: We’re getting super excited for your performance at this year’s Summer Camp in Chillicothe! Have you played the festival before?

LS: Yes, I’ve played Summer Camp back in 2013, and I was amazed by how many people came to see me play! It was a great time, but I couldn’t stay long; the nature of touring is that I rarely get much time to check out my surroundings.

CYM: Any upcoming news or fresh releases we should be expecting from you?

LS: I’m in the process of starting a record label actually, so plenty of news on that soon. I have several releases lined up both from myself and other artists.

Lightning Round Q’s

CYM: If you could kidnap any artist for a collaboration, who would it be and why?

LS: I’d kidnap Neill Blomkamp or Ridley Scott; they’re definitely two of my favorite movie directors.

CYM: If you were Oprah and could give away anything to your audience, what would it be?

LS: Knowledge – I’m thinking about ways to start a school for music and multimedia production.

CYM: What’s the last song you couldn’t stop playing over and over?

LS: Nanopulse – Behold What’s Coming.

CYM: What’s an album that has meant a great deal to you, that someone 
may not expect judging by the sound of your production?

LS: Dimitri from Paris – Sacrebleu.

CYM: If you could live in any video game or world from a sci-fi novel, which would it be and why?

LS: …Well, it would have to be a non-dystopian world, which rules out some of my favorite books and games. I’d probably pick ‘The Culture’ world created by Iain M Banks.

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