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[Show Review + Photo Gallery] Shlohmo Live Band at Trees Dallas | April 05, 2015

Nick Melons at Trees Dallas. Shot by Mary Jo Sparks
A red and glowing ’13’ hangs above opener Nick Melon‘s head, as deep bass audioscapes mingle with his bone-chilling ambient vocals and consumes the room. He not once glances down at the crowd, yet still maintains a commanding and dramatically awe-inspiring presence. Occasionally with a distant gaze, Melons lifts his face above and into the light, as if he is seeking something that rests beyond. And with his jerky and sporadic movements, he might as well be exorcising his own demons along with the beat.

But he’s making love on that stage. Creamy, shamanic, audiosex. Can this be real? Melon’s concluded with a subtle Robert Miles Children drop, erupting a final reminiscent wave over the crowd before pulling the plug.
Purple’s soulful styling bathed me in pure violet plasma energy. Soothing any aches and pains, it subtly displayed that embracing one’s darkness is a valid means of release. Once again his inner shaman truly shines bright, proving this to the crowd at Trees that night. Even the dark and dreary track, ‘Extinction’ from his upcoming debut album, “Silence & Remorse” resembled more of a crooning lullaby than a cry for attention.
Shlohmo at Trees Dallas. Shot by Mary Jo Sparks

Once again, Shlohmo put on another killer performance that exceeded my expectations. The live band added an organic element to the tour that hasn’t been seen in past shows, and even the electric drumbeats permeated the air like a rhythmic, breathing, industrial jungle. These sounds, however, came from a far more remote source… as if Mr. Pain were tapping into his avatar from another planet and feeding my soul. His expressions were ethereal to say the least.
Shlohmo at Trees Dallas. Shot by Mary Jo Sparks

‘Ten Days of Falling’ placed a pit in my stomach and a knot in my throat yet created a slow and gentle release throughout – a valiant expression of pain and resolution.  “Dark Red”, a track birthed by tragedy and distress. Shlohmo shows his vulnerability and strength through this richly textured album.
It is a glance into the grieving process and gives us an entire spectrum of emotion we all can relate to. Influenced by his own tragedies, i.e. the losses of close friends in rapid succession, Henry gives us a brilliant new album, illustrating bereavement and power through painfully deconstructed 90’s IDM and sludge metal. He left us all frozen in the crowd while painting a beautiful and comfortingly violent picture. I can’t wait to see him again. Dark Red is the single rose placed on the coffin of a dear friend as it’s lowered into its final resting place. And based upon what I heard… I can say it will be a peaceful rest.

All Photos shot by Mary Jo Sparks, contributor for Compose Yourself Mag.

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