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[Festie Friday Spotlight] The Funk Hunters at Sonic Bloom 2015


Lauren Pinkney

Funk has been making quite the comeback in recent years, but 2015 is the true revival as proved by The Funk Hunters. The Canadian duo creates a truly unique blend of funk, soul, and booty movin’ bass lines, making the dance floor erupt at every venue they cross. The group’s original mixes and collaborations with world class artists have propelled them into popularity in Canada, and now we hope they’re ready to bring the funk down to their American friends.

 The duo have been busy selling out venues around the world, and its no surprise; with their high energy and remixed classics, it’s impossible not to get captivated by The Funk Hunters. They have been steadily crushing venues across North America with Chali 2na from the iconic hip-hop group, Jurassic 5. Chali’s cool, soulful vocals melt perfectly into The Funk Hunter‘s groovy bass. We cannot wait to party with these guys at Sonic Bloom! Grab your weekend passes here, and meet us in Colorado for the funkiest weekend of the summer.

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