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Daniel Zetterstrom

#DROOLMODE: Lightning In a Bottle – Improvements in Bradley, California | May 21st-25th 2015

 Daniel Zetterstrom
Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom

As world renowned transformational festival, Lightning In a Bottle, moves into their second year at their new home in Bradley, California, they’ve listened to the suggestions of festival goers and compiled a list of improvements for 2015. Join us in raising our excitement as we drool over the latest and greatest fixes from the Do Lab team!


With LiBs new home in southern California, the elements are much harsher than in previous years.  This year, a large shade structure will cover the dance floors of the main stage and extent throughout other areas of the main festival ground. This will make finding cool, shaded areas a breeze for when you’ve gotta take a dancing break.


It’s no surprise there is a lot of walking at any festival.  This year LiB has outdone themselves by creating an all new festival layout, which will feature shorter distances between stages and other attractions throughout the festival grounds.  The team is also working on building easier pathways to and from the peninsulas. That’s right, save your feet’s soreness for the dance floor!

 Daniel Zetterstrom
Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom


Dust is inevitable in any festival, especially in hot and dry, southern California. LiB producers have announced additional ground covers around the dance floors and lounge areas, keeping dust to a minimum in order to create a more enjoyable experience for festival goers.


Additional water stations with quality H20 and pressure are planned throughout the festival grounds.  LiB is working with local park officials and water management to ensure that festival goers have easier access to water, something we can’t stress the importance of enough.

 Daniel Zetterstrom
Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom


Getting in and out of a festival can be one of the most stressful times of the weekend.  With only one road in and out, LiB is working to create a seamless entry and exit plan for all festival attendees.  Shuttles to and from the parking areas will run more frequently, easing some of the wait time entering and exiting the festival.

Lightning in a Bottle offers a unique opportunity for festival goers to truly immerse themselves in a transformational experience. With their new improvements for 2015, amazing lineup featuring artists like Flume, GRiZ, ODESZA and Tycho and transformational speakers like Neale Donald Walsch and Pema Khandro Rinpoche, Lightning in a Bottle is bound to be one of the BEST festivals of the summer.

 We can not wait to get there!

Tickets to Lightning in a Bottle are going fast so – Get Them Here

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