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[Show Review] Papadosio, Instilling the Beauty Of Change | at Bogart’s in Cincinatti, OH November 29th, 2014


 Photographer:  Brian Hockensmith

Papadosio ended their Imaginal Cells Tour on November 29th in Cincinnati, OH at Bogart’s. This is the third year in a row they have played on this date at this venue. The set list for this show was out of this world – stepping out of their typical jam sesh style, the band took it a step further. They performed several unreleased songs, such as ‘Cloud Found’ and ‘Elephant’ from their most recent recordings in Appalachian Mountains. In the last year Papadosio has transformed in major ways as a band. They began with a new light rig in 2013, and have continued to transform their sound and step up their level of production. They took their live psychedelic rock experience to the next level,  making sure to let the crowd know they were “ready to get wild,” for the last night of their tour.

The band originally hails from Athens, Ohio and is known not only for their music, but for their social conscious that they’ve included in their live shows. They have spoken publicly on many social issues, from the evils of the Monsanto corporation to the recent case in Ferguson, MO involving the killing of an unarmed Michael Brown. The band concerns themselves not only with unity through music but as well as real social action. Beginning late summer 2014, the band began working with a group of fans to start an organization called “Share Your Cloud.” This organization sets up booths at shows and trades donations for various types of artwork and jewelry.

During the show at Bogart’s, the group accepted canned food, warm clothing donations as well as cash to be exchanged for raffle tickets to win artwork. They had several artists who volunteered to contribute different types of artwork from prints to canvas paintings. In addition to collecting tons of food and warm clothes, the group raised over $200 to donate to the victims of the Union Fire in Athens, OH as well; the same city where Papadosio found their start.  They have transformed from a band that speaks about action to one that enables true transformation through direct action. One of the workers at the “Share Your Cloud” booth, Casey Papp, stated, “We are the ones that we have been waiting for. We are the ones who have to start making things happen.”

The scene needs more bands like Papadosio. This band has shown they are truly ready to usher in a new movement of action for the greater good. They understand what it truly means to love your neighbor. They will also have a “Share Your Cloud” booth running at their Earth Night event in Columbus, OH on December 19th and 20th. Feel free to bring canned goods, warm clothing, or monetary donations to the booth for your chance to win artwork and become part of the change.

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