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The Glitch Mob Destroys Aragon Ballroom – Chicago, IL 10.17.2014

This past weekend, The Glitch Mob returned to Chicago for their first performance at the legendary Aragon Ballroom. Bringing their unique live twist to electronic music and beat making, the Los Angeles based trio promised for an exciting show. A line of eager Mobbers reaching down the block waited patiently to make their way inside the doors, ready for the intense night of music that was in store.

Chrome Sparks

First up for the night was Chrome Sparks, aka Jeremy Malvin, performing live with Bill Delelles and Aaron Steele. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was the first time seeing them live myself only having the prior knowledge of a 10min Google search before the show. To my surprise, the three played a very chill downtempo set. Their songs called for heavy uses of synthesizers which helped them to create their own unique stylized sound. Their stage setup was totally awesome though, which consisted of having multiple lamps dispersed across the stage, all glowing and flickering to the beats of the music. Chrome Sparks’ slow melodies greeted the Chicago crowd and warmed up the dance floor for The M Machine, who was up next.

The M Machine threw down a particularly deep and heavy house set with the likes of songs ranging from Shiba San’s hit track “Okay,” to Dog Blood’s “Next Order,” to their own remix of Madeon’s “The City.” Their track selections really picked up the energy of the ballroom and got people starting to move their feet. Chicago is after all, the birthplace of house music, so none other was expected. After seeing these guys once before at Camp Bisco 11, I had some expectations of the DJ duo, to which they definitely fulfilled by spinning such a dark set.

The Glitch Mob

    The Glitch Mob was up last to headline the night. The crowd cheered wildly as the trio took the stage. Smoke filled the air and powerfully bright backlights placed The Glitch Mob in a silhouetted figure against their enormous industrial-robot like drums. This really set the tone of the performance, immediately hinting towards Glitch Mob’s dark bass-heavy sounds. This was a first time Glitch Mob performance for me as well, to which I was simply amazed watching their creativity on stage. For those who aren’t familiar, The Glitch Mob plays a mixture of live instruments, mainly drums, while also using a variety of midi controllers which are displayed facing outwards to the audience, so the crowd can see how each member is performing live. The show was definitely a very unique experience. It’s always pleasing to see such a creative live-electronic act; it’s a true breath of fresh air from the infinite amount of DJ sets we see today. Good times, cool show!

Photos and review by Kyle Miller of The Saucy Monster for Compose Yourself Mag.

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