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Beats Beneath The Streets | A Night At The Gypsy House

Beats Beneath the Streets

Photo by; Bryanna Klinske

When you go to The Gypsy House, you feel a sense of home. There is this sort of organic energy, an intimate warmth that stimulates and radiates throughout the entire venue. You walk through what seems to be your average hipster/bohemian hang out, where semi-adolescents sip coffee and fondle their laptops. However, as you saunter down the narrow staircase and drop into a secluded basement, you will unearth a culture of undiscovered local talents. Instantaneously, I felt welcomed. There was a universal sense of complacence as everyone nestled into the lounges that lined the venue. String lights draped the ceiling, allowing the silhouettes of shadows to dance across the dimly lit walls to the opening beats. Philip “PhLo” Gomez constructed a collaboration of down-tempo drum beats, infused with original samples. Unconsciously, I felt my body begin to sway to his set, giving me a transparent taste of the classic hip hop talent that was soon to prevail.

Apature Psyence (Jason Peterson), Douglas Mickelsen, Jack “Flash” Wolfe, and Davy “Hemlokk” Ruthven are the foundation and heart of the local hip hop group P.D.F. Immediately when they hit the stage, their presence emits an overpowering energy that can’t help but grasp your attention. Hemlokk contrived a mix of euphoric drum beats, synchronized with raw instrumentals to help formulate a collab of old school beats, mixed in with some new school inspiration. As Hemlokk’s beats set the premise, Apature Psyence, Douglas, and Jack Flash took to the stage to make a lasting impression. Starting off the night with “Knowledge of Hip-Hop,” P.D.F gave tribute to some of the fundamental elements of hip-hop.

Photo by; Bryanna Klinske

Their intricate lyrics flowed and progressed smoothly into multi-syllabic rhymes, which were guaranteed to keep your body swaying and head nodding. Following “Knowledge of Hip-Hop”, they transitioned into a funky/down-tempo measure with “Ordinary Person.” Embodied with motivational verses, this feel-good track left you with an overall appreciation of life and the beauty of self-discovery.  “Colorado Dreamin,” (one of my personal favorites) proceeded shortly afterwards. Commemorating the beautiful state of Colorado, P.D.F’s lyrics compose a vivid image of the admiration so many of us commonly share and the universal gratitude we have to be able to call Colorado our home.

Finishing their performance with “What’s Your Number,” set a different vibe in comparison to the rest of the show. Their stage presence immediately transformed to a hyphy/energetic chorus, composed of hooks and bass that instantaneously got the crowd out of their seats. Dancing and laughter filled the room, as the audience sang in unison to P.D.F’s witty and undeniably captivating performance.

This show was extremely commendable, not in the sense of the 10,000 fan presence or the $1,000,000 sound system. It was notable due to the mere passion that transmitted from these artists. The love for music that exerted from these individuals and from the crowd was undoubtedly a feeling that could not be manufactured or manipulated.

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