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olive oil liv friis-larsen

Keeping your skin moisturized seems like an easy enough job, given the wide variety of lotions, salves and other products we can find at nearly any supermarket. But, like most things in life, it feels so much better when YOU’RE the one calling the shots. It’s a refreshing feeling to know all of your ingredients, and exactly how your precious products came to be. In our eyes, it’s just easier to Do It Yourself! This skin care remedy will come in handy for when your skin could use a little ‘Umph‘-love. (See what I did there?) Bonus: It only calls for olive oil! Simply coating your skin with the oil actually creates a protective layer that seals in nutrients and moisture.

NOTE: If you consider your skin to be oily, refrain from making this apart of your regime; it will only increase outbreaks.

olive oil liv friis-larsen


From virgin to extra virgin, pomace to cold pressed, there are a multitude of different olive oils to choose from when deciding which works best for your skin. Some are best kept for cooking alone, and others are pretty much a match made in heaven for your body. A key word to look for would be cold or first pressed. This olive oil contains a much higher level of polyphenols than other varieties since the olives were processed without solvents or heat, which are notorious for stripping nutrients. Extra virgin olive oil is also a great choice, as it has a very high antioxidant level and a small drizzle goes a long way. High antioxidant levels also means the oil will reduce inflammation associated with eczema, which is why it’s the most common base for moisturizers.


Only do this right before bed, and if you aren’t expecting any overnight company (Awkward, late night caress donning a latex glove? Uh…). In addition to getting your eight hours of beauty sleep, you’ll also have all night for your hands to rejuvenate themselves. To make hands softer and nails less brittle, drizzle a dab of oil into your palm, and coat your hands/wrists completely. Make sure to massage the oil into your nail beds; cover all the bases. Slip on the latex gloves to retain the moisture and keep your bed sheets from getting stained.


Cleopatra was known as a woman of exceptional beauty. Rumor has it that she would draw a bath every night before bed to soak in, and she swore by tipping a few drops of olive oil into the water. Dipping into an oil bath will soothe and brighten your skin after a long day. The amount of Vitamin E the oil possesses is proof alone that it truly is one of the best skin care aids you can use! Just remember when getting out of your tub how slippery you are; be careful! Your tub will also have some oil streaks afterward, so just scrub with a dish soap-lathered aloofa, and they’ll be gone in no time.


The skin on your lips is super delicate and thin, which is why preventing them from becoming chapped is a harder task than it should be. Even when using lip balms and chapsticks, I’m one of those people who can still manage to find my lips sore and dry somehow. Adding a tiny drop of olive oil throughout the day will make your kisser a little softer. Adding a bit of sugar will act as a makeshift balm as well, and will exfoliate as well. I already outlined this at the beginning of the article, but if you consider your skin to be on the oily side, this will only irritate and cause breakouts around your mouth! Don’t do it.

We pulled some information and references from these lovely websites. Check them out for even more healthy remedies to try at home!


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