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[Photo Gallery + Show Review] Flume at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, CO| Fat Beats and Double Rainbows August 5, 2014

Red Rocks Amphitheater has been synonymous with hosting top notch dance parties, and my long awaited chance to see Flume could not have been more picturesque in terms of scenery, and the fact that he was sandwiched by such amazing acts, Duke Dumont, Cut Copy, and headliners Chromeo made the night an unforgettable experience, ultimately exceeding my expectations of what Flume’s live show would entail.

Duke Dumont, hailing from the UK, started off the night with a set which got everyone moving from the moment they walked into the gate. His sound brings the best elements of the UK dance scene and beyond, combining elements of house and disco which set the tone for the later acts, while maintaining an originality that left everyone remembering his name, making new fans from all around Colorado, myself included.

Harley Edward Streten, also known as Flume

Flume, who was the most anticipated act for many of the people I talked to at the show, took the stage after Duke Dumont. Playing what was definitely one of the most picturesque sunset performances I’ve seen at Red Rocks, Flume released his virally catchy and creative music as a storm broke up across the Colorado skyline, causing the appearance of a near-perfect double rainbow, which could be seen from end to end across the front range.

Usually when you see a rainbow, you imagine there is gold to be had if you chase that rainbow to the end, but this time I was confident that the only gold around was right in front of me, pumping from the speakers up the hill of Red Rocks, and pulsating into my ears.

I’ve been wanting to see Flume for a while, and could not have imagined a more perfect setting. Watching him rock out with live MIDI drums, his own unique visualizer, and the expanse of the Colorado skyline was an incredible experience I will always be grateful to have been a part of.

Next up was Cut Copy. Having never seen them live before, or even heard much of their music, I didn’t really know what to expect. My most apt description of their music would be a mix of Animal Collective, STS9 and Tool, with their own indescribable creative intent underlying it all. With vocals reminiscent of indie rock, live instrumentation, trippy soundscapes and badass synth work, Cut Copy is breaking the genre barrier at the speed of sound, and I highly recommend checking out their music and live show.


By the time Chromeo came on, I had been exposed to so much amazing and diverse music I was hopping around the stands on cloud 9, eagerly awaiting what the headliner had in store. Chromeo stretched the crowd’s senses to the limit with their light show and almost continuous release of fog and smoke silhouetted by lazers. They played all of the crowd favorites, including “Night By Night” and “Over Your Shoulder” with stunning stage presence, complete with leather jackets and vintage style synths. These guys truly take the best out of the decade of the 80’s, and bring it into the modern era with high quality production bringing all of the best elements of a dance show over the past 30 years and making it into their own breed of futuristic throwdown.

The stellar lineup at Red Rocks for this show was surreal. Going primarily to see Flume, my original needs were satisfied early on in the show, and the dynamic performances from the later acts continued to spiral me into a state of euphoria and gratitude I didn’t come down from for several days.



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