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[Review] Re:Creation with BOOKASHADE, Bird of Prey | San Francisco at 1015 Folsom

If you’ve ever been to a show at the 1015 Folsom in San Fransisco you already know it’s one of the best spots in the Bay to get your fix of Electronic/Bass Music. When Euphonic Conceptions gets down with their monthly RE:Creation parties, the caliber of performers and sonic intensity of the music only amplifies, truly a show not to be missed… every time.
So let’s jump right into the good, the bad, and the grimey of this magical sub-woofer filled evening.

As I arrived, Bird of Prey had a packed dance-floor and you could already tell the vibe for the evening was on a collision course with a futuristic explosion of genre non-conformity and symphonic euphoria. I mean, if you need to get a crowd hyped and set the tone for a high energy evening filled with refreshingly unique music that’s difficult to put a precise label on, Bird of Prey is your man. We’re talking mid-tempo wobbles laced with middle-eastern chanting backed by a mid-ranged energy so tough and gritty it almost had an industrial vibe to it. This dirty yet intoxicating and smooth vibe would teeter on the edge of slowed down Breakbeat at times, and to put it simply… it was intensely wonderful.

Christian Martin of Dirtybird

After having my brain melted for a bit I meandered on over to the main stage and lo and behold, Christian Martin was doing what he does best… getting the crowd wet with juicy rolling basslines and 808 shakes that just might shatter your spine if you stood a little too close to the subs.
Keeping right on par with what is typically synonymous with pretty much any of the cats from the Dirtybird crew, Christian pounded out the 4 on the floor tempo, breaking it up with melodically intriguing dynamics that glimmered with a bit of Hip Hop shine, even kissing the edges of Breakbeat. As an aficionado and adamant proponent of all things Breakbeat, I was really starting to get my pickle tickled here. As always, Christian had an commanding presence extrapolated by his impeccably clean and precise mixing abilities.

Kalya Scintilla

Brainmelt #2 complete and still a few more to go. Upon reentering the front room, Kayla Scintilla was already pumping full throttle. The really amazing component to this set was the fact that the second you stepped on the dance-floor, you immediately felt like you were in the middle of the woods at some desolate location riding out a Saturday night at a festival.
If this is your vibe, (and how could it not be?) you felt right at home with the vibrant Down Tempo soul-connecting grooves backed by entrancing melodies. I was really taken aback by how well Kayla was blending his pulsating synths and airy samples with his low-end frequencies.

After getting lost in the crowd and meeting some very cool and interesting people in the smoking pit, I smashed out the embers of my cigarette and treked my ass on back to the main room for the main event of the evening. If you’ve ever dabbled in the art of mixing 4 on the floor or even just deeply appreciated house music, you’ve undoubtedly run across the legendary Booka Shade.


Right off the bat, Booka Shade grabbed the crowd by it’s eardrums and let loose a digital storm of heavy hitting bass kicks with synthesized melodies intertwined with the bliss of electronic exhilaration. It was really interesting to see Booka Shade’s embrace of technology as their setup consisted of midi controllers running Traktor and some other program which were responsible for their effects. This setup allowed them to mix their well-known catalog while adding unique twists and variations to keep the crowd on their toes. All in all, a spectacular performance from a legendary duo.

Every once in a while you come across someone who is definitely on their way up in the Bass Music world, and tonight I was treated to one of those discovery moments. Sixis laid down one of the most incredible and all original sets I’ve been privy to in quite a while. He started off in Down Tempo Land, knocking out a couple tracks at half-time 150bpm, heavy on the whomp side yet maintaining his own unique style. About 20 minutes into his set, he had worked his way up to a Mid Tempo wobble style clocking in at about 105 bpm, drowning the crowd with liquid glitches and body-pounding drum beats. I was sitting next to Trevor Kelly at the time and he must have seen the excitement in my eyes because he nudged me and nodded with a big smile. He turned to me and said “This guy right here, he’s the next big Glitch kid.” I nodded back in concurrence. Keep an eye out for Sixis, chances are you’ll be seeing this cat doing some big things over the next couple of years.

All in all it was exactly what you’d expect out of a Euphonic Conceptions show, a dope ass event! Packed house the whole night, top notch bass music, and of course some truly wonderful people in the crowd’s attendance. The only disappointment of the evening was realizing it was already 4am and time for everyone to head home. Big ups to all the players behind the scene and the staff who made this version of RE:Creation possible, and of course to all the bass fanatics who made their way out to enjoy this evening of musical debauchery. Next month the madness continues with Kastle, Eliott Lipp, Lindsay Lowend, and Bleep Bloop going down Friday July 25th at 1015 Folsom.
Until next time, may the bass be with you.

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