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Shopping the marketplaces within a festival environment is an entirely new world in itself. Given the vast variety of trinkets, clothing, jewelry and more available, it can make your head spin when deciding exactly where you should put your money. Essentially, your purchase should be mutually beneficial in that the movement behind the product itself is utilizing the festival environment to inspire social and communal growth.

Conscious Alliance X Medicine Werx Collaboration [AUGUST 2014]
With that being said, my new favorite festival find comes from the innovative and creative mind of Teren Overbeck and his partner, Dave Richey, who offer their crafts under the name of Medicine Werx. Medicine Werx is an independently run visionary collective of alternative wooden eyewear that seeks to do more than complete your awesome outfit – they implement change as well. Every pair of sunglasses purchased results in 10 trees being planted through Trees of  the Future. Unlike most eyewear companies, Medicine Werx’s priority focus shifts from vision to being a visionary eyewear company with a social conscience.

Among premiering the newest addition to the Natural Collections, the Puzzle Artifact frames were made available just last week on their site. Medicine Werx has also collaborated with Conscious Alliance to produce limited edition shades that feature artwork from legendary artist Kris D. As a 501 (c)(3), Conscious Alliance will be receiving 50% of every individual sale, aiding in their efforts to provide hunger relief across the world.

Puzzle Artifact

Founder Teren Overbeck gives this statement on Medicine Werx:

‘Vision for a better tomorrow…’ is not just something we thought sounded cool, from start to finish we challenge ourselves to offer an imprint of deep thought. Harnessing the wisdom and intelligence of our greatest revolutionaries and ancient civilizations to produce high fashion is our specialty. Whenever you purchase a pair of Medicine Werx sunglasses, we plant 10 trees through our partner, Trees for the Future, in endangered and deforested areas to begin reversing our carbon footprint. Not to mention, all of our wood is sourced from certified sustainably managed wood to start with.

What makes Medicine Werx different from other shades? As far as our glasses, we use only the finest woods – every pair is handcrafted and equipped with cr39 polarized lenses and spring loaded hinges. It also isn’t uncommon for us to get creative and do some sick geometry or fractal patterns laser etched all over our frames either. We take a lot of pride in making sure every detail is completely covered, from the shape of our frames to the way they feel on your face, we don’t just make it our goal to get the best quality lenses and wood, but to offer an identity and product like nobody else.

Before you can change the world, you have to make a change for yourself. Thats why we created Medicine Werx. A model that resonates with the philosophy of anarchy, we truly believe that if the people are reprogrammed to support a conscious and sustainable corporation, by only supporting and empowering companies who are socially and environmentally responsible, that we can truly begin to slip away from the tyranny. After all, wars are not fought over land ownership anymore, but rather resources and nationality disputes.’

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” -Aarush Nandal

Medicine Werx | Vision for a better tomorrow | Healing our society and environment 1 pair of sunglasses at a time!

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