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SACCO + Band of Skulls at the Granada Theater in Dallas,TX | 05.14.2014

Yes, I took the Oh-so-cliché-Marquee-sign photo. You kinda have to.

Words/Photos by Kaitlyn Holder.

SACCO & Band Of Skulls at the Granada this past Thursday was another extremely exciting show for me right off the bat. Having been treated by a friend to a previous show at the very same venue in 2012 that was absolutely amazing, I was thrilled to be attending this one with that very same friend. I arrived particularly early, wanting to catch the entire opener. The day or so before, I spent some time perusing this wonderful wide web thing for any free listening goods on the band, and luckily was not disappointed; I was able to find their debut, self-titled album streaming for no cost through Soundcloud. While I do enjoy the possibility of free music, I also very much encourage to purchase at Amazon for a well composed dreamy, surf rock album I’m positive you can appreciate on that festival road trip later this season, yes?


Originally reigning from the East coast, these West Coast transplants boast catchy rhythms and surf rock riffs you can tell were highly influenced by their California culture. The trio complimented the Band of Skulls own sound with hints of blues and chords reminiscent of dusky beach romances and seductive breezes…you almost forget the random stranger creeping ever so closer, or the couple too busy violently sucking face with one another on either side of you.
The set went smoothly, and SACCO held the stage well considering the “Dallas Glare” most get when newly approaching a stage in our, let’s be real, quite snobby music scene.  The first song commanded the crowd’s attention without much effort. I was bobbing my head along and swaying my hips before too long as I attempted to sneak through the quickly filling theater. The songs continue to get more versatile, there are plenty of instrument switches, different leads, and beautiful harmonies. I soon realize how much I truly am enjoying this great new find as the guitar haunts the air, taunting the bass’ deep rhythm right on beat with the precise striking drums.

By the end of the set, I can tell these guys simply love their music, which makes me appreciate them all the more.  In a day where crap music is too often glorified and played out, getting to witness the beginnings of an artistically satisfying fresh sound is a wave of new hope for equally awesome gems to surface.  As their last song came to a close I can’t help but begin to feel the bubbling excitement for Band of Skulls. I mean, they are freaking brilliant after all.

Russell Marsden of Band of Skulls

Thank Sweet Baby Jesus for good music, good friends, and cold beer. After catching our breath outside for an intermission, we walked back in to the already sweating crowd full of girls in high waisted shorts and too many dudes in hipster glasses to find a cozy post for the first few songs. The crowd gets excited for a few familiar tunes before Band of Skulls introduces a new song off of their third album, Himalayan. This is just what I needed. They continue to deliver an amazing performance throughout the show. You can see the smiles on each of their faces the entire time. By the end of it all I can’t stop smiling myself. I love this band; they are the very definition of Rock and Roll, although I believe vocals/guitarist Russell Marsden says it best, “It’s not a style; it’s an attitude.”  And their music exudes it.

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