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8 Tips for Festival Traveling with People You Don’t Really Know

First off, let me state that I am in no way new to going to festivals, nor am I an expert on the matter. It just so happens that a recent festival experience in particular prompted me to fill you in on some tips that may facilitate your entire journey.  A guide (if you will) in the event that you may likely end up traveling with individuals you aren’t necessarily too familiar with.


8) Leaving Any Member of Your Party Behind is Never an Option.  I’m not a marine or saint, but the circumstances have to be pretty serious for me to want to leave someone in a position to where they couldn’t get home. Stepping out onto the weekend scene with your crew and leaving a disgruntled friend because she won’t turn down for what, is a different story. I don’t condone either but the difference in caliber is obvious. It’s bad Karma, period.


7) Attempt to Accurately Estimate the Gas Expenditures for All Parties BEFORE Departure.  There are a handful of apps that will estimate, given the make and model of your vehicle, the number of riders, speed, even how much luggage you have, how much in gas dollars the trip may cost.  If you tell me that my portion for gas was $50 to and from, I’m going to budget my whole stay, that includes: food, souvenirs, gifts, a new car key (don’t ask), and overall fun, knowing that I cannot spend THAT $50, just saying.


6) Assure that 1 Passenger Stays Awake with the Driver at All Times. This is just common sense safety. A recent study suggests that drowsy drivers make up 17 percent of fatal car accidents. Having a co-pilot to speak to or navigate aids in keeping the driver alert and out of that 17 percent.


5) People in the Front: Be Mindful of the Leg Room in the Back.  Take it from a habitual back-seater: a little knee and foot space goes a long way. You aren’t that tall, front seat people, and neither am I, but hours spent propping my legs up in the air is only something I want to hear in a rap song, not real life.


4) Activities/Road Trip Games are a great way to pass the time.  My go-tos include: I Spy, Out of State License Plate, and of course my personal favorite, Sex Lights.  Not only are the games fun, but they make time go by much quicker.  I played Sex Lights on my 7 hour car ride from Dallas, TX to the beaches of Corpus Christi. 2 naked girls later I had arrived in Corpus! For those of you who have never lived a little, whenever you see flashing lights: an ambulance, cop lights, fire engines, etc, NOT blinking lights [construction sites or blinkers]. The first person to see flashing lights yells “Sex lights” and touches the roof of the car. The last person to touch the roof has to take off an article of clothing.


3) Crack One Window.  AT LEAST ONE. Let’s just be honest, a vehicle compiled with 3-5 bodies has the potential for a stuffy atmosphere.  Everyone has their own natural scent, and with that in mind, what works for one individual may not always work for the other. Without getting too in depth, I’m going to leave it at that.


2) Keep the Music Neutral. Having your own style or taste in music is something to be admired, but unless the present parties have expressed the desire, then this is no time to debut your exes “Dear John” playlist, favorite movie soundtrack, or God forbid, Nickleback. Try to get a feel for everyone in the car or simply discuss what genre appeals to all present.  For instance, you can never go wrong with throwbacks, or maybe something instrumental.


1) Don’t Be the Crazy One, and by “crazy one”, I simply mean NO BREAKDOWNS. Don’t be the person in the car talking about their issues the entirety of the trip. I’m all for small talk and getting to know your fellow roadie, however, just because we are in an enclosed space together for this certain amount of time does not make us your psychologist.


Meeting new acquaintances and making new friends is part of attending a festival. You almost expect to leave with new numbers in your phone, new Facebook friends, and even Snapchat buddies. With these tips in mind, you can be certain you don’t end up saved as the dreadful “Do Not Answer”.

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