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DRRTYWULVZ is the electronic brainchild of Austin-based producer Levi Witt. Imaginary is the budding producer’s sophomore EP, and its full of unique basslines, uplifting melodies, and downtempo ambience. The 6-track EP exemplifies the producer’s versatility, as it’s appropriate for both the dance floor and reflection at the end of the night.

I got the chance to catch up with Levi a few days before Imaginary was released and chat with him about his background in music and the future projects he has in store.

CYM: Is “DRTTYWULZ” pronounced Dirty Wolves?

DRRTYWULVZ: Yes. DRRTYWULVZ is pronounced as it sounds (dirty wolves). It seems like there is more than one person involved, but it’s just me and has been for years and years, for a short time I would DJ with someone under this name but it was soon made solo when I was the only one producing under it.

CYM: “Imaginary” is your second EP, can we expect more music like this from you in the future?

DRRTYWULVZ: I had “PUP EP” release in 2012 with great success through our Kickstarter, which raised almost $2400 to fund CD’s, stickers, posters and supplies to ship them to all the contributors. Both of these EP’s have focused on “beautiful” or “feel good” sounds, though the next release will be a lot more energetic and danceable, along the lines of Psydub, Glitch Hop and Downtempo Bass music. You can also expect some more chill music in the future, as it’s hard for me to stick to one style for more than a few EPs.

CYM: When did you first begin producing music?

DRRTYWULZ: I began producing music early in life, I was a drummer in a church band around the age of 12, which soon transitioned into garage bands and various solo music projects involving guitar, piano and synthesizers. I recorded and engineered my first full length album when I was 14 years old with an old PC my parents had. I moved to Austin for audio engineering school when I was 17, and the electronic music started to happen.

CYM: Another Austin local, Topher Sipes, did the artwork for your EP. How did y’all decide to team up for this EP?

DRRTYWULZ: I’ve known Topher for a while, but never knew of his intense talents of making art. We meet up for coffee to discuss an album cover that I needed badly, he showed me his secret drawings and right then and there I was convinced we needed to work together. We bounced ideas off each other for weeks and eventually came up with this. Some of the things we went for was “psychedelic but not too crazy, to match the peaceful music”, and “Geometrical, but not just a bunch of triangles and Metatron cubes, something that hasn’t been done before”.

CYM: Is there a producer in the EDM scene that you are particularly inspired by?

DRRTYWULVZ: Sure. To name a few.: Amon Tobin, Tipper, Kalya Scintilla, AMB, JPOD, Birds of paradise, Bluetech, Eskmo, Somatoast, Desert Dwellers and plenty more.

CYM: Anything coming up for DRRTYWULVZ we should keep an eye out for?

DRRTYWULVZ: Yes. I have a full length album in the works, it should be done here in a few months. I also have an upcoming show at the Parish with Kalya Scintilla and Space Jesus on March 30th; this show will be epic. Aside from a few other shows, I’ll be in the studio cranking out tunes and playing festivals when I can, so let me know where you would like to see DRRTYWULVZ perform!

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