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Futexture (real name David Krantz), is an up and coming electronic producer from Asheville, North Carolina. Boasting a multi-layered sound that combines melodic dubstep, atmospheric tones and down tempo beats, his music is the ultimate spaceship. Each intricately laid track hits in just the right way, making it the perfect soundtrack to drift away to. Weaved with mechanical clinks and technical drops, Futexture is paving the way to a new musical frontier. After releasing his 2nd EP this past March, it’s just a matter of time before he begins headlining his own tours.

Our amazing friends over in Knoxville from Psymbiant Tennessee had the chance to talk to David after a show a couple weeks ago. Thanks for the footage guys!

You can listen and keep up to date with Futexture through his social medias below:

SoundCloud // FaceBook

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