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CYM Wellness // Staying Hydrated During Winter

When arriving on the topic of hydration, most people instantly think of the most common scenarios: After the gym or during a sweaty run around the block. What we fail to keep in mind is that Summer isn’t the only season when our bodies are most in need for hydration. While we appreciate the ‘Winter Wonderland’ experience, our bodies suffer during these couple of months more than any other time of the year.

For example, not drinking enough water during severe cold temperatures can accelerate dehydration, cause exhaustion, muscle fatigue, cramps, and weakens your immune system. Being dehydrated also affects your body’s ability to keep off those holiday pounds. So yes, DRINK UP! I’ve never been one to have a water bottle by my side 24/7, but for something so simple and beneficial, it would be crazy not to. Here’s some of my favorite tips to make staying hydrated easier!


/ Up your intake of fruits and veggies. It’s not surprising that most of our favorite fruits (berries, melons, and oranges in particular) are natural sources of water. Double bonus? They’re probably already your favorite go-to snacks. Veggies with the highest water content? Cucumbers, tomatoes, celery… the list goes on and on.

You can see a full list [here]


// Here’s one you probably haven’t heard before. Flax seeds, when soaked in a jar of water overnight, will expand and produce a gel (simply called FSG). After removing the seeds, drinking the gel will coat your stomach and actually help your body retain moisture! Crazy right? On top of that, flax seeds are also beneficial to hair and skin. You can grab all natural bags of them almost anywhere, from Wal Mart to Whole Foods.


/// Stretch your bones. By hydrating and stretching, you can keep your muscles from cramping up during the cold months. Be good to your bones and say bye bye to achy joints. Our bodies are made up of over 60% water. Only makes sense to oil the machine, right?


//// Last but not least, keep hydration in mind. Yes, that should be extremely obvious by now, but it’s the most important on the list. Remember, the sensation of thirst is triggered by the onset of dehydration.


(Don’t thank me, thank H20)

Composed by Tai C


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One thought on “CYM Wellness // Staying Hydrated During Winter

  1. During the winter, I admit that I don’t really have enough water since it’s really cold and water is not something that I would need. I instead shift to coffee or hot chocolate. I’m not fond of eating fruits as well. Tea would be good for the winter, I guess, since I have recently found my love for tea.

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