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So Sus is our artist spotlight for the month of September! Having had a steady release on numerous forward-thinking and respected collectives and labels, his sounds are composed of a future bass style fused in laser sharp insertions which are intertwined with trap elements. Fusing melodic pulses with r&b vibes, his remixes and originals stand out with innovation. Hailing from Vancouver, B.C., this up and coming producer is a must to-g0-listen-to, we can’t even imagine the energy he brings into his live sets! “So Sus writes music for when it’s okay to not be okay.” Composed of emotive soundscapes that will burst out emotion in you, his creative output will resonate on a deep level giving you an enticing feel for his next electronic escapades.

Having released a collaborative EP, Genesis, this year with imaginative sonic staples in the music industry, Pauline Herr and Hex Cougar, his growth and talent continues to expand. “Yandere”, in collaboration with XTALS, is a unique tribal trap song that stands out here at Compose Yourself Mag with eerie synthesis and melodic subtleness. An initiating build up remarkably catches your attention and smoothly progresses in fluid motion. The second build up and drop has a more cinematic feel with grand distortion. His catalog is filled with diversity and eclectic vibes through wave lucidity and a genuine touch of fine creativity which induces an overall evolving sound. You can explore the rest of his sounds here.


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