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Lucid Vision Unveils New Sound Design on ‘Through the Aether’ + Talks Cervantes’ Headline Details [Album Review + Interview]

If you were to ask me, Fridays’ are reserved for getting your weekend started off right – and what better way to do it than with the drop of amazing new music? Thankfully we have Lucid Vision looking out for the people, and today he’s released a 5 piece EP that we’re calling his best work yet. The Lucid Vision experience has and always will be the summation of a true empath’s energy – each production carries so much emotional depth that it connects listeners on an genuine and intimate wavelength. Implementing field sounds from an array of natural environments, ‘Through the Aether’ is the first Lucid Vision release of its kind.
In a recent press release, LV had this to say:
‘I’ve spent time both recording and sampling a variety of field sounds, to truly take the listener somewhere, and to present more of a cinematic experience of sound and emotion.’

 This is evident on ‘Songbird’ especially; soulful licks supplied by Ryan Maher of Tortuga make this a song worth playing over and over again. The entire work is glistening with soundscapes that will uplift your spirits, induce a dance fever and also overwhelm your senses with tasteful nostalgia  – yeah, it’s that good. Another highlight comes from previous collaborator Knowledge Thyself, who marks his return with signature uplifting lyricism on ‘Kaxinawa’, a true bass banger that’s fiery from start to finish. Today marks the official release of the 5 track EP, and we’re beyond privileged to bring it to your attention. Busily preparing final details for his upcoming headline on January 18th, Dalton freed up some time for an interview to fill us in. Hit play on ‘Through the Aether’ and dive in.


Compose Yourself Magazine: This headline has been a long time coming! Tell me how things have been since the announcement dropped.

Lucid Vision: Honestly this event has already been the most demanding and also the most rewarding event I’ve ever been a part of, and it hasn’t even happened yet. I earned a degree in Music Business at CU Denver, and I’ve hosted, or had part in hosting, every single one of my hometown headlines. HOWEVER, so much work and planning goes into an event, beyond just the artists on stage, and our team has really created something I’m proud of. For this event, yeah it’s been hard work and there have been bumps in the road, but otherwise it seems like everything has fallen into place (sometimes last minute haha). HUGE THANK YOU to Scott Morrill and the Cervantes staff, Cris Bachman with MHSM, our sponsors Arise Music Festival and Universal Herbs (to name a few), Devin / Rubikz Visuals for providing the LED wall (with amazing motion graphics content!!), and thank you to every listener, fan, ticket purchaser, and supporter like Compose Yourself who is on board with this project.

 The only positive we’ve gained since the Trump election is that young people are becoming more interested in learning how the voting system works. I think it can be confusing for a lot of people trying to navigate language and voting in general, but it’s no doubt crucial to dive into. A percentage of proceeds from the show are going to, a cause that utilizes blockchain technology to authenticate the voting system. How do you think this organization and others like it will transform the stigmas surrounding the political realm?

I’ve always felt passionate about relocating some of the money from the show to support a cause I believe in. I think as a ticket buyer, it’s so inspiring to that because I attended a concert, I was also able to donate to charity, and contribute to society in a positive way. YES, the legal system can be overwhelming. YES, there has been a continuous lack of education about things like the voting system that all have a serious impact on our lives! How to do taxes, how to buy a house, how the federal reserve works, who counts our votes, and how to understand the bills and politicians that are on the ballot……. these are all things they don’t teach us in school….. It really makes you wonder if the education system actually has the best interest of the public in mind. This is why I feel a duty to at least to play a small part in bringing some attention and support where I can. I can’t start up a company that will change the world, and I can’t run for office, but I can use my voice and my resources to help support the companies and people that are going to change the world. I strongly encourage people to look into what has to offer.

 Jim Mimna
Jim Mimna Copyright © Copyright J.Mimna Photography 2014


Who are 3 artists you’ve had in rotation lately?

Allan Rayman, Dimond Saints, Odesza, and Hippie Sabotage. I could choose just 3. I honestly listen to more playlists then just straight through an individual artist. Interested in what I’m listening to? Here’s a link to just one of the many playlists showcased on the Lucid Vision Spotify page. I’m planning on putting out another playlist soon!


In addition to producing, you’re a multi instrumentalist and play quite a few. If you could master any instrument, what would it be?

Maybe vocals cause I’ve always wished I’m better at that haha. I still sing to myself off-stage, but haven’t been able to incorporate it in the Lucid Vision project yet. I honestly love the ukulele though, it’s probably been the only instrument that I’ve actually learned with ease. I love the sound, I love the vibe.

If you could orchestrate a ‘chance meeting’ with anyone in the world, who would it be? It could be something as simple as you bumping into that someone on a street corner or sitting next to them on a train.

Not necessarily including me? …. I don’t know, I had a lot of thoughts on this one. This is a tough question. Maybe get El Chapo and Trump together and see how that plays out? Nah, I think I would organize a chance meeting with my dude Cris Bachman cause I love the guy and I don’t see him enough haha.

I also just want to say that this EP is somewhat a different style for LV. I really focused on using field sounds (both recorded and sampled), to take the listener somewhere. Maybe you hear wind chimes and you’re outside, or a sword unsheathing and you get flashes of battle, or laughs, or birds. There are a lot more field sounds in these songs, to really create a cinematic experience of sound and emotion. Even though these songs came together into somewhat of a different vibe, this isn’t necessarily a new direction for Lucid Vision. I do enjoy the cinematic experience, but I’m always going to try to continue to evolve the music, while still sticking to the roots of why I love it. When making songs, I always ask myself, does this inspire? Is this something I’m proud of? If yes, then I’m spot on. If no, then how can I change it to get it there… where it inspires me!

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