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Roller Rock, Kaynoe, & Frini Golf :: An Elements Lakewood Pre-Interview with Somatoast

Somatoast performing in Queens, NY (Photo by Anton Shvets aka Polygon Frame)

Besides the state of the art production, installations, endless camp activities, games, and workshops, what separates Elements Lakewood from a lot of the other festivals out there this summer is their incredibly diverse lineup. Full of new comers in the scene and packed with rising artists from around the world, the lineup ranges the full spectrum of electronic music from hard hitting tech-house to dirty bass music, back to psychedelic and glitchy experimental beats. We, here at Compose Yourself, reached out to our good friend Somatoast, a rookie to the BangOn! scene, to see what he’s anticipating most about performing at this year’s Elements Lakewood and immersing himself in their magical world.

We started out with a rapid fire ‘would you rather?’ to get a quick background on the man behind the psychedelic beats:

Would You Rather?
Q. Rock climb or roller skate
A. Roller Rock skating

Q. Kayak or canoe?
A. Kaynoe

Q. Mini golf or frisbee golf?
Frini Golf

Q. Fire or LEDs?

Q. Sunrise or Sunset?
A. Sunset

Q. Sleep or no sleep?
A. Duality man. It’s like, 2 sides of the same coin brah

Q. Perform during sunrise or sunset?
A. Sunrise

So I guess what we learned so far is that Somatoast probably doesn’t separate the foods on his dinner plate….Anyways onto some real questions!

Somatoast performing in Queens, NY (Photo by Anton Shvets aka Polygon Frame)


Q. What are three things you’re most excited for about the Festival?

A. Well if the schedule holds up, I’m incredibly stoked for my time-slot and I’ve never been to this part of the country in the summertime, being that I’m a Good Ol’ Texan Boy and all. And of course, the lineup is LitFam! It’s stacked with both personal inspirations and friends!

Q. What other artist(s) are you most excited to see? Why?

A. Detox Unit because he’s been crushing it. We’re homies back in Austin so I see him quite a bit, but he’s so fresh every single time!

Q. Do you have any special plans for your set? Going hard or keeping it mellow and vibey? Winging it and playing to the crowd?

A. It’s going to be delightfully demented wonkadelic silliness. There will be hard and mellow moments. There will be “Hello” moments.

Kinda sounds like if Willy Wonka took LSD and got a slot at main stage…

Q. Got any new tracks or secret weapons you’ve been saving the test out?

A. I have a handful of unreleased goodies.

Q. I know you are on the Street Ritual roster. How has the agency helped you as of lately grow as an artist? (Besides handling your bookings)

A. Street Ritual has been my trusty companion the past couple of years and I’ve felt like I’ve started to grow into myself as a professional with them by my side. Still just the beginning!

Q. Being that you have never attended a BangOn! event before, what stands out to you most so far about the details of the event?

A. When I looked into it I thought It was cool that they did both a city festival and camping festival. I figure it makes for a nice range of audiences.

Word! Last couple of questions-

Q.  What is your favorite camp activity?

A. Making campfires and staring at them.



Q. Anything you’d like to say in anticipation of the festival?

A. Flubbernubnubscrubberdub!

Word. Right on! We’re really looking forward to catching your set and getting to kick it at the fest!

Make sure to follow Somatoast and check out more of his music here:

Also if you haven’t done so already, cop your ticket to Elements before they’re gone and join the Facebook event page to stay updated.

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