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Sold Out Show FOMO for K.L.O. : The Black Box Hosts A Night of Massive Talent | January 9th, 2018 [Show Review]

The anticipation from Tuesday nights’ debut of London producers K.L.O. was enough to cause FOMO among even oblivious Denver heads. I received more than a few eager texts from friends (who had never even listened to the neuro-hop group) asking for guidance in the way of tickets, since word was quickly spreading that it would sell out.

First off, the proximity of The Black Box to the local Domino’s on the corner cannot be ignored. I took it upon myself to order a pizza to the door and indulged in sexy slices while watching a couple DJs throw down in the Lounge. ILux Studios provided delicious and strange visuals that splashed onto the backdrop, and an assortment of vendors lined the walls.

Two pizzas and a box of wings later, I was ready to enter the main side of BB to catch Sortof Vague hop on at 11. A Boulder native, Sortof Vague played to the crowd with rowdy samples, hip-hop tracks, and he threw a Bassnectar edit in for good measure. The room felt drenched in sweat by the time he was through, signaling a quick cigarette break for many before K.L.O. hit at midnight.

I decided to keep my spot as to not miss a second, and I’m pretty happy I did. K.L.O. started off with their most popular track, ‘Acid Scratch’, making the entire room raise their hands to the ceiling. The intense energy brought on by these two was unreal, hitting a peak and never coming back down. 

At some time during the set I noticed the friends who had gone for cigarettes were still nowhere to be seen – it was crazy that they were missing the first half of the set. I came to find out later that there had been an incident at the front door, leading to a long line to get back into the room from the lounge. Though some were upset, all complaints came to an end pretty quickly when they entered the room again. From start to finish, K.L.O. rattled our brains with uptempo bass drops and methodical scratching, all pulled together by the colorful, drippy SLUG WIFE displays behind the decks. Ending just after 1:30, I happened to see Ben (Lone Drum) standing out by our car. A friend of mine thanked him for the set and inquired about the sudden end. Laughing, Ben gave his reason: “Well mate, we just ran out of tracks to play.” And it’s true. The group have only been together a bit over a year, and they had about an hour and a half of originals to crank out. After a solid weekend of shows here, in New Orleans, and gearing up for a road trip to Atlanta for another show, we could see why the guys were itching to get back on the road. 

If you ever the chance, K.L.O. are a massive talent to see live, and we can only hope you have the opportunity to see them in your city.  Thanks for another incredible night of talent, SubMission, and thank you to K.L.O. for the best night of music all year.

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