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Homemade Spaceship headlines Cervantes Other Side with Funkstatik, TruFeelz, Panda Say What?! And KingLoop3Y on November 10th, 2017

After making his rounds at many of this summer’s biggest gatherings such as Sonic Bloom, Pirate Party, and Sub Octave, Homemade Spaceship has been moving up on everyone’s list of favorite producers. He’s found his unique niche within Denver’s rich music scene, and his fan base is becoming more diverse and devout with every performance. When it comes to electronic music, it seems that a lot of artists choose to incorporate hip hop, soul, or other influential rhythms. Instead, Homemade Spaceship gives his affinity for metal the spotlight and matches it with his own brand of distorted production.

As part of Denver record label Mile High Sound Movement, 2017 has seen Homemade Spaceship landing bigger opening bills one after another. Being so consistent has definitely paid off, and it will be well deserved to finally see him headlining Cervantes Other Side. Chunky guitar riffs, through-the-roof distortion and glitched-up bass heaters are what you can look forward to, and we could even get some surprises as well. Joining him will be other electronic locals armed with their original productions as well – Funkstatik, TruFeelz, Panda Say What?! and King Loop3y.

Homemade Spaceship’s dynamic live show will hold your attention and keep you glued to the dance floor. Peep a clip from his Sonic Bloom performance on a stage that happened to be our favorite all weekend, the epic Hummingbird. The energetic synergy between crowd and artist was unreal, and this set remains a highlight for us! If this doesn’t get your head banging, we don’t know what will.

SoundCloud | Facebook

Tickets are available online for $12, or you can snag them fee-free at the Cervantes’ box office during normal business hours Monday through Saturday.

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