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Random Rab: Prepare for Blast Off at the Oregon Eclipse || August 8.17-8.23 [Artist Spotlight]

Random Rab is at quite a high point this summer, riding the waves from the release of his eleventh studio album, “Formless Edge,” on June 16th, and a summer tour stacked with prime festival slots around the world, including the esteemed of scoring the music to be showcased during the solar eclipse in August at Oregon Eclipse.

His new album is a tasteful expansion on his unique, downtempo style, with masterful production, varied instrumentation, and a slew of guest artists including Lapa, Jason Kalidas and Piea. In Terms of his eclipse set, what concerns us more with Random Rab is not so much this amazing new album, but his long, colorful career — this history of his innovative production style and unique contributions to festival culture — that has allowed him this unique opportunity to lead a group of thousands of humans through the climax of a celestial cycle that has been culminating to this point for millennia.

Random Rab, aka Rab Clinton, has been releasing music since 1998, and over the years his signature high-vibration, downtempo and ultimately incredibly uplifting music has taken his career to unique heights, and has been a pioneer in the developing the idea of the sunrise set, which these days is often the most coveted area of any festival goers schedule. Sunrise sets stemmed from esoteric corners of underground raves in the 1990’s, and in the beginning DJs were pumping the same acid house and techno that had been relentlessly heaving kick drums at you all night. In the past ten years, the type of music at sunrise sets, as well as the atmosphere curated by the artists has changed a lot, becoming a very popular, refined, and transformational experience; and possibly no one could take as much individual credit for this as Random Rab.

He began cultivating this unique niche for his music back in the early Burning Man years. When he would play sunrise, and had specific music saved as “sunrise music,” which was disparate from the rest of the pumping techno music he and most other electronic musicians back then were making. This music has since become the main style in his catalogue due to the overwhelming positive response he got early on. This more downtempo brand of composition was focused less on an overwhelming, borderline abrasive aesthetic, and more on the subtleties interweaved between the individual elements in the songs, resulting in a dynamic, organic mix, and an elegant, sublime groove that allows space for the crowd to have equal parts dance/introspection and party/sublime presence.

“I feel like it’s when people are most emotionally raw and open to anything happening, versus the middle of the night where there’s a craving for a more edgy, party vibe.” – Random Rab

His creative works and infectious onstage energy have caused him to be one of the most sought after artists for sunrise sets and unique events centered around the cosmic cycles in some of the most exotic locations in the world. He has already played during two eclipses before, as well as a set inside the Great Pyramids of Giza in 2012, in which he used the echoic chambers inside the pyramids for live sampling to be used with his music. There are certain rare and ecstatic events that take place that call for the delicate and euphoric energy his music provides that is uniquely his and provides the perfect soundtrack for high vibration occurrences such as the eclipse in August.

His set during this eclipse will undoubtedly build on these previous events. His set will be the culmination of a week long party, with music composed specifically to help the crowd move into this ephemeral night in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. The nine festival organizers involved in making Oregon Eclipse happen will undoubtedly have all hands on deck during this time in order to push the boundaries of liminal consciousness, usher in a new cosmic epoch, and ensure the most exquisite possible execution of what will arguably be one of the best festival sets of all time.

OREGON ECLIPSE  :: Tickets are sold out, but the festival is still in need of volunteers. Find out more here

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