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Project Aspect releases 3-track EP, ‘Cortex’, via Mile High Sound Movement | June 13th, 2017 [Album Review]

Project Aspect‘s latest 3-track EP Cortex is brief yet brimming with heavy bass. Based in Denver, Project Aspect draws influences from a variety of genres and the EP is definite proof of PA’s love for hip-hop, glitch and of course, dubstep. Each track is full of dubstep’s classic syncopated rhythms and all those groovy sub bass frequencies.

    Within the first minute of the first track “Vortex Complex” the incorporation of numerous genres is very apparent. The song is featuring rapper Asteria, and she has a super steezy rhyme she repeats “Let’s tap into the vortex/Killer assortments/Lead me into the vortex vortex” that gradually gets more distorted as the bass builds. The track then seamlessly transitions between womped out dubstep and smooth, dreamy grooves. While I wish Asteria had been a more prominent feature on this track, her one rhyme got me groovin’ and looking forward to the next song.

    The second track, featuring Lyric Lee is definitely my favorite despite the odd name “Cheddar Cheese and Ice Cream”. Lyric Lee’s UK grime style draws me in right away. Without these vocals, the song would be missing an essential depth. “Cheddar Cheese and Ice Cream” starts out with heavy syncopation, and sounds that are like an airplane when it starts to take off. The verse right before the bass drop is by far the best one yet. All the verses perfectly layer into the distorted boom-baps and glittery and rhythmic hi-hats. There’s a big focus on the drums in this track, with ride cymbal hits leading up to the last bass drop.

For the third track “Dime On My Nine”, Project Aspect again emphasizes the importance of drum sounds, this time incorporating the sound of drum sticks being rhythmically hit together. It works perfectly. The whole song has a very epic vibe to it, like it should be playing while you are parcouring through the city. It blends pitched soulful vocals with atmospheric bass, leaving plenty of room for lush, almost orchestral build ups, before dropping the listeners into some grimy bass. And while Project Aspect definitely draws influences from Bassnectar throughout this whole album, it is easy to see that he is also influenced by UK grime and artists like Dutch duo Noisia.

You can catch Project Aspect throwing down tomorrow night at Sonic Bloom and other festivals this summer like Northern Nights, SubOctave Festival, Arise Music Festival. Follow him on the outlets below to stay tuned to more Project Aspect news.

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